Goblin writer Kim Eun-sook to make a drama comeback via Mr. Sunshine

Certainly, this news gets every K-Drama fan in the world gets excited as Kim Eun-sook is now hailed one of Korea’s greatest scriptwriter given her two massively successful series, Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

Based on reports, Kim Eun-sook has already completed the synopsis of her new drama titled Mr. Sunshine and is now in the process of writing its script. Mr. Sunshine will be a drama is set in 1900 to 1905, and tells the story of a soldier in the righteous army falling in love with an aristocrat’s daughter. The term “righteous army” refers to Korea’s long history of commoners taking up arms to protect their country against foreign invaders, dating back to Goryeo.

In an interview with Kim Eun-sook, she said that there has been no official casting yet but she already has an actor in mind for the leading character. She added that because the character requires strong narration and wide breadth of emotion, she wants an extremely good actor which quickly made me think of Jo In-sung who expressed his desire to work with the writer early this year.

Mr. Sunshine is slated to air next year.

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