K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 13-14

Omo, Ko Chan-ho IS NOT the killer! It’s Jung Hyun-soo (Dong Ha) and boy, he’s creepy as hell!!!

Turns out that Noh Ji-wook’s gut feeling is right all along. He discovered that the alibis Hyun-soo told them were all lies. It’s true that he went to the bar for some drinks just like what he said, but that was after he carried out the chef’s murder. Chan-ho only served as someone who cleans up the evidence for Hyun-soo, and the reason why he’s doing it is not yet clear. I’m thinking if he’s doing it on his free will or if he’s just being threatened. Hmmm, I believe we’re close to knowing the answer to it.

In these episodes, it is revealed that the chef had done a lot of evil deeds to women, which explains the Bible passage written on his portrait. We also came to know that the woman, who happened to be the chef’s sister, tried to conceal the murder by making it look like a robbery incident to save her family and her brother’s reputation.

I have this theory that Hyun-soo isn’t killing just for the sake of it—he kills people who have done something bad to others. Did you see how intense he was when Ji-wook asked him about his previous record of almost beating a guy to death after he saw him assaulting a woman? I guess Hyun-soo has some kind of grudge against abusive people, which I believe is also affecting his mental state. He looks more like a psychotic murderer to me than an amnesiac killer. Gosh, his grins give me chills.

I also think that Hyun-soo didn’t really plan to kill Jang Hee-joon (Chansung). Remember when the killer dropped something bulky in the water reservoir? I think that’s a dead body, and he went to Bong-hee’s apartment to kill her because he thought she saw him on the rooftop. But then, Hee-joon appeared so Hyun-soo killed him instead. What do you think?

Now that Ji-wook is almost sure that Hyun-soo killed the chef, he’s determined more than ever to prove it especially that he played a huge role in getting him out of jail. Will Ji-wook finally be able to deduce that Hyun-soo is also the culprit he and Bong-hee have been looking for all this time?

Moving on, Ji-wook is so sharp when it comes to solving cases, but he’s the complete opposite when it comes to love. Jinja. I know where he’s coming from, but he’s frustrating! I feel so bad for Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) because I can somehow relate to her. It’s painful to be rejected by the person you love, yes. But, it’s even more painful to know that you were rejected not because that person doesn’t like you, but because he’s​ frightened of his feelings for you. Argh.

Despite Bong-hee’s efforts to get over her feelings for Ji-wook, she can’t still help but feel concerned for him. So when she saw him sleeping while sitting on the couch, she decided to at least untie him to make him feel more comfortable. But Ji-wook caught her in the act, and the way he stared at her turned my bones into jelly!


Wookie’s eyes can convey a thousand emotions even without saying a word that’s​ why I so love them aside from his nose, lips, shape of his face, his broad shoulders, and his well-defined abs. In short, I love everything about Ji Chang-wook. Hee-hee.


I had the same reaction with Chief Bang when I saw Ji-wook sleeping tightly on the couch with Bong-hee also sleeping soundly while resting her head on Ji-wook’s leg. Atty. Noh, I remembered something! You said you’d give your body and soul to someone who could give you a goodnight sleep. So… Does this mean?


I also want to mention that the scene where Ji-wook fetched the drunk Bong-hee is so cute I kept on replaying it so many times! But, I also feel sad when I saw regret written all over Ji-wook’s face as he watched Bong-hee sleep. Jebal, let go of your past already and be happy because that’s​ what you deserve.

So excited to see further developments unfold in the next episodes!

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