K-Drama Reaction: Circle Two Worlds Connected | Episode 4

Just when you thought your hunch was right, this show will prove that assumptions in K-Dramas are not always for real.  We confirmed some theories, we formulate new ones. But the case of the missing twins is far from getting resolved.

Part 1: Beta Project (2017)

Circle 4 (1)

While Kim Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo) discovers that Han Jung-yeon (Gong Seung-yun) breeds a micro robot in her room, she goes to the psychiatric hospital (where Kim Beom-gyun (Ahn Woo-yeon) was locked up) to meet a certain person. Apparently, she received a text for a meet-up with an unknown sender and tells Woo-jin about it. So wait, you’re not there to see Beom-gyun?

Circle 4 (3)

So there you go, Jung-yeon was attacked by a female assailant while inside the hospital, but luckily Woo-jin was there to save her. They failed to catch the girl, but it’s not a big deal because she later on called them again (using Beom-gyun’s number!) She was asking to meet up with Woo-jin this time. Ah, this is fishy.

Circle 4 (5)

Then things got a little rough with both women after the mystery girl attacked Jung-yeon with a stun gun while she was hiding behind the plant box during Woo-jin’s meet-up. She kept on rambling things similar to the theories of Beom-gyun so I will assume that she is his friend. She warns Woo-jin for hanging out and being blindsided by Jung-yeon. And then she dropped a new bomb – a picture of Jung-yeon with the same luggage and key chain as the one carried by “alien” girl Byul when she left with the twins’ dad 10 years ago.

Woo-jin confronted Jung-yeon about this new discovery and then the show dropped another bomb. Jung-yeon has no memory of herself until she was 18 years old! How great can this show be?

Beom-gyun hyung is still locked up inside the hospital, but this time he is not alone. He was with the real culprit behind the blue micro robot worms. We see Beom-gyun struggling to resist the insertion of the micro robot into his body. Well, this neither proves nor negates his own theory of the supernatural existence, right? Some people are just more scheming than others; they are ready to sacrifice other people’s lives in order to push through with an experiment.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention… Jung-yeon is apparently Professor Han’s daughter. Remember those university professors I had my eyes on in my last reaction? I am pretty convinced now that they are involved in the suicide cases (or shall I say murders?). Since Prof. Han is Jung-yeon’s dad, there is a great possibility that he has something to do with her amnesia.

Circle 4 (4)

If she is indeed the “alien” girl Byul, then where is the twin’s father?

I think it’s time to share my most sensible theory as of this time. Mystery girl Byul is not really an alien, but an A.I. humanoid robot who was sent from the future to study the behavior of mankind and to test the prototype Human B system. Fearless predictions, anyone?

Part 2: Great New World (2037)

And since this show wants to drop bombs whenever possible, we also have plenty of revelations in this episode. Lee Ho-soo (Lee Ki-kwang) remembers his past now, but he is not happy with it. So he rushes off to the Human B headquarters to confront them about locking people’s memories. He threatens them of divulging this huge secret to the media, but he got cornered by the Human B director instead. He offered Ho-soo a deal to lock his memories, provided he will uncover the truth behind the real identity of Detective Kim Joon-hyuk (Kim Kang-woo). So Human B also does not have any information about Joon-hyuk’s past?

Circle 4 (11)

Eager to know the next bomb revealed by the show? Joon-hyuk is Beom-gyun! Yaassss, he is alive! So the Rubik’s Cube, the baking, the mannerisms were all hints! This means he survived the morbid injection of blue worm in his body back in 2017. But this leads me to the next question: Where is Woo-jin? or maybe it’s more appropriate to ask “Who is Woo-jin now?”

But wait there’s more! This hour also treats us to another heart stopping chase scenes with the unknown, courtesy of Joon-hyuk and Bluebird. So, the genius hacker was not really an accomplice of the Human B system, but an unsung hero for the citizens who have lost their memories. Bluebird has this goal of unlocking Smart City’s residents and Joon-hyuk is determined to find out why.

I would end this episode reaction with the last revelation that Bluebird is indeed Jung-yeon! So Woo-jin was right all along. Her e-mail address during college days is one major hint about her hidden identity. But why is she unlocking the memories? Is she looking for Woo-jin too?

Circle 4 (18)

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