K-Drama Reaction: Fight My Way | Episode 2

Annyeong! Starting today, there will be little changes in how I present my K-Drama Reaction. Instead of giving you a recap of the episode, I’ll present you a rundown of my favorite scenes and a little explanation of why I like them. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


Scene: Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) and Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) happen to leave at the same time, with Ae-ra dressed up for her frenemy Chan-sook’s wedding. Bantering during their walk, Ae-ra put in her aegyo and says she can’t help being born so pretty. Dong-man just rolls his eyes and threatens to hit her. He notices she’s carrying the plain canvas bag he got for her and offers to buy her another, which just triggers another aegyo attack from Ae-ra. Annoyed, Dong-man put her in a headlock and she protests how could he do it when he’s a girl. Haha.

Well, this is soooo cute. It just shows how comfortable these two are with one another. Although I’m kind of anxious that it won’t be this fun when these two fall in love because it could really get awkward.


Scene: Because of an unforeseen circumstance, Chan-sook’s MC friend Cindy Jung is not able to make it on time on her wedding day, leaving her emceeing her own wedding. But as she realizes that it’s turning out really bad, she lures Ae-ra to pretending as Cindy Jung telling her it’s a chance to do what she loves and offering her a gorgeous gown. Beaming with confidence. Ae-ra takes the stage and hosts the party like a pro impressing everyone in the party including her skeptic former classmates.

Wow! Ae-ra is really great when it comes to hosting! We didn’t really get a chance to see how good she was during her school days but this one definitely proved that she’s cut out for it! How can she not pursue her dreams when she’s got the looks and skills for the job!

giphy (2)

Scene: Both pissed off and humiliated after learning that she has become a betting subject of the men who approached her at the party, Ae-ra takes revenge by knocking down the side view mirrors of their cars to the jerks’ horror. One of the guys hit her back but Dong-man comes to the rescue and beats him up. Uh-oh.

Now, I’m totally sold, I loooove Ae-ra! She’s beautiful, talented, passionate and feisty! These braggarts even deserve more kicks and punches! Well, thanks to Dong-man for doing those on our behalf!

Scene: On their way home after Dong-man has been released from jail (for beating up the party jerk), he and Ae-ra decide to stop for a kimbap. The two are sitting on a bench when Dong-man yells at her, saying that while he may live an embarrassing life, she shouldn’t let others think badly of her. Ae-ra counters him asking why his life is embarrassing which renders him speechless. He then says that he’s just a lame jock, but Ae-ra disagrees on the “lame” part and says that she’s sure he’ll make it big some day. Hearing those words, Dong-man, like a young little boy, wraps her arms around Ae-ra’s waist with his head resting on her belly. Crying, Dong-man thanks Ae-ra for being there for him.

Aww! I was not expecting that response from Dong-man. Maybe he just really needed those comforting words at  time, especially right after he got engaged in a heated argument with his Dad about not living a ‘proper’ life and after he got called useless by his former taekwondo coach. Because sometimes you just need that single person, even just one person, to believe in what you can do so you can believe in yourself again.


giphy (1)

Scene: Aside from requesting Ae-ra to emcee her post-wedding party, Chan-sook also requests Ae-ra to ask her to do a song performance on stage. Heeding to her frenemy’s request, Ae-ra calls Chan-sook to sing for the guests. Chan-sook feigns surprise and quickly rushes in front to give the performance of her life. She belts her heart out singing off key at almost every part of the song.

LOL! This one really cracked me up! It was embarassing and funny at the same time. Can’t we get this girl a drama of her own because she definitely has a knack for comedy.

Too bad, she’s only here for a cameo.

What’s your favorite moments in this episode?

Images sources: Dramabeans

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