K-Drama Reaction: The Best Hit | Episodes 3-4

These episodes filled up the lack of Yoon Si-yoon scenes in the pilot episode.


Hyun-jae in 2017


Yoo Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon) was mysteriously transported to present time, 2017, and every scene was freaking hilarious. I was actually waiting for an epic time travelling scene but Hyun-jae apparently went to the future via stair ride using his own billboard (I don’t how to put into words the hilarity of this scene.) But I’m sensing that Hyun-jae’s time travel is somehow connected to Ji-hoon because their watches stopped upon Hyun-jae’s arrival.


The cameos of Defconn and Jang Hyuk were also comedy gold. I think I should thank variety show director Yoo Ho-jin for these riotous sequences.



If MC Drill (Dong Hyun-bae) is Lee Ji-hoon’s(Kim Min-jae) confidante, I’m guessing current industry top idol MJ (Cha Eun-woo) would be his and Hyun-jae’s sort of rival in the near future. MJ doesn’t seem to appreciate his fame as he just dismissed Park Young-Jae’s (Hong Kyung-Min) lecture. Maybe because all of Star Punch Entertainment CEO’s “words of wisdom” came from his wife, Cathy (Lim Ye-jin), who may or may not be part of Hyun-jae’s decision to transfer companies in the past.


We also met the “intense” Do Hye-ri (Bona) while Ji-hoon and MC Drill were in the practice room. I wonder if she would be the second female lead to rival Choi Woo-Seung (Lee Se-young) for Ji-hoon but this drama’s love line is still unclear at the moment except for the Woo-seungxHyun-jae ship which totally sailed in this episode.

Kiss scenes x3


Hyun-jae was reunited with his red sedan (which now owned by MC Drill) and drove around present Seoul. He unknowingly brought along Woo-seung who was sleeping at the backseat. Their banters were all very funny specially Hyun-jae’s awe to Woo-seung’s smartphone.


I’m not sure if it’s because of the antique car or they are just both klutz that they ended up kissing accidentally twice in the car. I mean, TWICE. Two kiss scenes in a span of half an hour. As if that’s not enough there’s another one in front of Ji-hoon when Woo-seung tripped and yep, ended up lip-locking with our tacky and cutie 90s idol. (I have to warn you that I’m leaning towards Woo-seungx Ji-hoon couple.)

The betrayal


Since most of the episode seemed to be narrated in Hyun-jae’s POV, we finally get some clues on what really happened in the past. He decided to leave World Entertainment and withdrew all his album sales money. Hyun-jae now knew the consequences of his actions in the past – it left Lee Gwang-jae (Cha Tae-hyun) and Lee Soon-tae (Lee Deok-hwa) in financial constraint. I already have theories on where Hyun-jae’s money really went but I’ll keep it to myself for now. There is also this revelation that Hyun-jae died young. He apparently died one year from the date he traveled to the future. This seem to surprise Hyun-jae and I think this is part of the reason why he was suddenly brought to the future. This past-present puzzle balanced out the whole drama, in my own opinion. It gives its viewers something to think about.

Maknae’s episode verdict


So far so good. The Best Hit has just set all the plot lines in place and I think it is heading to the right direction.

p.s. Monsta X are our new cutie elevator boys.


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