K-Lookbook: Lee Min-ho (Legend of the Blue Sea)

Lee Min-ho has been a victim of bad hairstyles or over-the-top chaebol outfits since his first megahit series, Boys Over Flowers. But the things is, no matter how his stylists connive to make him look hilarious, his handsome face alone always saves him.

Luckily for him, his Legend of the Blue Sea character seems to have a knack for being snazzy. Feast your eyes with Lee Min-ho’s drop-dead gorgeousness.


K-drama wardrobes always have one item of clothing that is a staple throughout the series. Heo Joon-jae’s closet seems to have a variation of comfy long-sleeved tees from plain to prints.

There’s something about men in uniforms that women can’t help but swoon over them. And seeing Lee Min-ho in a pilot’s uniform surely took thousands of fangirls’ breath away. I will surely let him fool me if he wore those vintage round eyeglasses in front of me.


It seems like K-drama oppas prefer snuggle-worthy jumpers when at home. Lee Min-ho is no different as he wore a range of sweaters in most of his scenes at his now-tourist attraction house. From fuzzy ones to classic knits, you surely would want to nestle in his arms during cold nights.


It’s not a Lee Min-ho drama without clothing pieces that will make you question if it will look good on another person other than Lee Min-ho himself. At least this time, his stylist’s experimentation was toned down. Min-ho surely maintained his pretty boy looks while wearing a lime green sweater, blush pink coat, and mustard suede jacket.

[Image credit: SBS]

7 thoughts on “K-Lookbook: Lee Min-ho (Legend of the Blue Sea)

    1. Hi Kate! I have to clarify it is not a tourist attraction per se. I just described it that way because international fans visit the house used for the series. Based on social media posts, Joon-jae’s house is just near Namsan Cable Car. I hope this help šŸ™‚


  1. Haha yes exactly. Nothing said or done would make him look bad, i swear. Only if he’d do something foolish himself, otherways i don’t see how this fragile and amazing being wouldn’t look flawless


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