K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 17-18

I seriously think Nam Ji-hyun was some kind of a martyr in her past life because she’s arguably the luckiest actress in the whole of my beloved Korea right now! And to be honest, I’m quite jealous that my Wookie kissed her that way! I watched the BTS of their first kissing scene for this drama and omo, my heartbeats were racing the whole time. It was around one-and-a-half minute of continuous kissing, and the lip movements are crazy! It was daebak!

I also think it’s​ Wookie’s best kissing scene so far. I’ve watched his kissing scenes in Healer and The K2, and those were very good, too, but this one is the best. Though I haven’t seen Empress Ki because I’m reserving it along with Smile, Dong-hae for my to-watch list in preparation for his military enlistment. I just hope these dramas will be able to help me ease my longing for him during those two years we won’t be seeing him. Huhu, please be strong, my hearteu.


So, the tables have been turned. It’s now Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) who is having second thoughts about accepting No Ji-wook’s (Wookie) heart. I can understand her reaction because Ji-wook’s sudden change of mind is truly confusing and maddening on her part. She summoned all her will to get over her feelings for Ji-wook when he told her not to fall for him, but now, he’s telling her he likes her, too? Tsk, tsk.


But what Ji-wook did after is so admirable. He told Bong-hee that he won’t demand her to like him back again, and that he’s willing to wait for her to come to him slowly. That’s so sweet of him. It also proved how pure his intentions are for Bong-hee.

I just wish that Bong-hee won’t make Ji-wook wait for too long because they need to be happy together ASAP. I can already imagine what kind of a boyfriend Ji-wook will be once he and Bong-hee officially date each other basing on how cute he acts whenever he’s jealous and on how he persistently played the claw machine just to get a stuffed toy in the epilogue. Hee-hee.

Suspicious Partner bad dream hug scene
The K2 bad dream hug scene

That hug-your-lady-love-after-waking-up-from-a-bad-dream looks so familiar! I can’t help but compare it to a scene in The K2 where Je-ha also hugged Anna after he suddenly​ woke up from a nightmare. Wookie, why are you always having bad dreams? If you keep me beside you, I guarantee you a goodnight sleep better than what Bong-hee can give you, and in return, you should give me your body and soul. ㅋㅋㅋ

Now before I say more perverted thoughts here, let’s move on to the intense fight between Ko Chan-ho and Jung Hyun-soo. This is after Hyun-soo discovered Chan-ho’s plan to betray him by telling Bong-hee who bought her the pair of shoes. Good thing he was able to jump into a river and get away from this crazy murderer. Hmmm, I’m very curious about Hyun-soo’s motive behind his crimes, and about who are the seven people that he wants to kill.

Hyun-soo framed Chan-ho up for the chef’s murder, which is a very smart move because it will be easier for him to catch the forensic dude now that the police are also chasing him down.


I’m so much worried for our main couple’s safety especially that Hyun-soo is now aware that Ji-wook is suspicious of him. I don’t get why Hyun-soo decided to tell Bong-hee that he lied to them about his alibis. If he did that to clear the suspicions on him, he made a huge mistake because now, it’s not only Ji-wook who is doubting him but also Bong-hee.

DA Jang ordered Cha Yoo-jung (Kwon Na-ra) and Na Ji-hae (Kim Ye-won) to re-investigate Jang Hee-joon’s (Chansung) murder case. And even though I hate these two female prosecutors, a part of me roots for them to help in the uncovering of Hyun-soo’s true identity as the killer.


Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to CEO Byun’s cuteness during these episodes even though his supposed drunk-driving incident felt a bit out of place.

See you again, ahjummamshies for episodes 19-20! Oh wow, I can’t believe we’re already halfway through this drama. Can’t it just go on forever?

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