K-Drama Reaction: Circle: Two Worlds Connected | Episode 6

I don’t know if it’s just me but I like Beta Project more than Great New World. Maybe because I love Yeo Jin-goo as an actor, and I definitely believe that he shines in this drama. His acting brilliance makes me more invested in the events of the 2017 time line.

Part 1: Beta Project (2017)

Medical student Park Min-young (Jung In-sun) helps Kim Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo) in tracing the whereabouts of his twin brother Kim Beom-gyun (Ahn Woo-yeon). They went to the Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital and found Detective Hong doing some investigative rounds. Following a blood trail, they discovered a secret passageway leading to an experiment laboratory (where Beom-gyun was locked up!).  On a lighter side of the spectrum, I am quietly shipping Woo-jin and Min-young. Their team-up is definitely much better than the Woo-jin- Han Jung-yeon (Gong Seung-yun) tandem. Or is it just me?

Circle 6 (2)

Jung-yeoni is currently struggling to pick up the pieces that would complete the jigsaw puzzle of her memory. Poor girl, I just hope she is not another collateral damage brought by this major human experiment that some jerks have been working on.

Circle 6 (1)

Let me just talk briefly about our dear Jin-goo. Ever since his childhood days as a young actor, he already had potential. And I think he made the right choice in doing this drama. Circle has unleashed a deeper level of acting in him. His confrontation with Jung-yeon in front of his apartment was both thrilling and heartwarming. Woo-jina, don’t blame yourself for Beom-gyun’s disappearance, jebal!

Circle 6 (3)Circle 6 (4)

And lastly, as expected, the twin’s father Kim Gyu-cheol has something to do with all of this! Why would he take Byul and abandon his children, if this was just another family shenanigan. Though his role in the ongoing experiment is yet to be determined, I am pretty sure that Jung-yeon’s lost memories has something to do with him. It’s certainly not a coincidence that Byul ended up under the care of Professor Han Yong-woo years after she was taken by the twin’s father.



Part 2: Great New World (2037)

Things has gone more twisted in the future with some of the 2017’s key players are still missing. Where the hell is Woo-jin? I have this gut feeling that he is the chairman of Human B, especially when I remember his view on memory loss as a solution to end one’s sorrow.

Circle 6 (8)

In 2037, Jung-yeon has transformed into a full blown hacker using the code name “Bluebird” and has been wreaking havoc in the Human B system. I just hope Kim Joon-hyuk/Beom-gyun (Kim Kang-woo) and Jung-yeon will soon find out the chairman’s identity, now that they have a lead.

Apparently, the person who presented about the calming care system in the past was in his twenties, which makes it more suspicious that the chairman could be Woo-jin. But where is Jung-yeon’s father Han Yong-woo? Did he and Prof. Park Dong-geon went into different paths?


We are introduced to a much older Dong-geon in this episode. He is now the Minister of Science, and he was the last person who Woo-jin talked to before he went missing. He saved Beom-gyun from a close encounter with the Human B people. My heart skipped a beat while watching this scene. I really thought those evil scums will get to implant the microchip into Beom gyun’s body!

Circle 6 (12)Circle 6 (13)

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