K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 19-20

I can’t get this drama out of my head and I know this will get me to trouble. The last time I experienced this was with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I fell so hard for Wang So and Hae-soo, and I couldn’t accept the tragic end to their love story to the point that I didn’t touch the last two episodes of the drama for weeks. I can see that I’m heading towards that same direction once again, and I know I’m already in point of no return.

These episodes are my second favorite ones because it gave us a lot of feelz! Of course, my most favorite is still the one with Noh Ji-wook (Wookie) and Eun Bong-hee’s (Nam Ji-hyun) first kiss. I still have it saved on my fone so that I can play it any time I want to. Lol.

Can somebody please tell Ji-wook to stop charming us with his eyes!? There are so many times my heart almost melted with the way he stares at Bong-hee, and it’s surprising that I’m still breathing! How can he be so thoughtful, protective, clingy, and sexy at the same time?

I love it when Ji-wook confirmed to Cha Yoo-jung (Kwon Na-ra) that Bong-hee is living with him. Mian if I sound too mean, but Prosecutor Cha deserves all the pain she’s feeling right now. I can never forgive her for cheating on Ji-wook.

I also didn’t expect that washing the dishes can be that romantic. The way Ji-wook looked at Bong-hee was so, so sexy!

But, he was even sexier when he tried to flirt with Bong-hee while they were inside the elevator. Argh.

And it seems like PD-nim and writer-nim succeeded in teasing us because the cup scene where Ji-wook and Bong-hee almost kissed got me wanting for more.

Aside from me, who else here wished to have someone like Ji-wook who will still find you pretty even if you’re dirty? That hug between him and Bong-hee looked so warm, don’t you agree?


I’m also touched by how Ji-wook protects Bong-hee’s​ feelings. He knows how Bong-hee tends to beat herself up over her faults so he wants to make sure she’s prepared before he reveals to her his suspicions with Jung Hyun-soo (Dong Ha).

But even though nothing is proven yet, Ji-wook wants to ensure Bong-hee’s safety that’s​ why he told her not to meet Hyun-soo by herself anymore and to always stay in a place where he can see her 24 hours. Wait, 24 hours!? Really, Atty. Noh? Don’t you think that’s​ a bit too much? ㅋㅋㅋ


On a serious note, Hyun-soo was so scary when he confronted Ji-wook for checking on him secretly. I got goosebumps when he told Ji-wook to meet again some other time with Bong-hee. IDK, but I can sense that Bong-hee is gonna be in danger. Please, please don’t let that happen.

You know, one of the many things that I love about this drama are the characters, particularly the ones at Ji-wook’s law firm.


The way Ji Eun-hyuk (Choi Tae-joon) stood firm on his decision to protect his client’s secret made me adore him even more.


Chief Bang, on the other hand, is officially the captain of my JiBong ship. I love how he is genuinely happy for Ji-wook and Bong-hee. Please continue your support for our OTP, Captain Bang!

CEO Byun is also one funny character, and the revelation about him and the pizza parlor ahjumma being Ji-wook’s adoptive parents came to me as a pleasant surprise. Though, I feel sad to know Ji-wook’s painful childhood memory of losing his biological parents in a young age.

It was also revealed to us that Bong-hee has two fathers, but further details about it have yet to be given. Is it just me? Coz I think one of Bong-hee’s fathers was the shadowy man approaching the young Ji-wook in his dreams. Hmmm, the question is, was Bong-hee’s father Ji-wook’s savior or was he the one who started the fire that killed his parents?

I’m afraid that the happy moments that we had on these episodes are just a prelude to sad, complicated ones. I hope not!

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