K-Drama Reaction: The Best Hit | Episodes 7-8

“It may seem like the world is shaking, but it’s actually you.”
– Choi Woo-seung, The Best Hit episode 7

Blind “date”


I’m still not on-board the Yoo Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon) and Choi Woo-seung (Lee Se-young) ship but I can’t deny that their banters are all on point. Hyun-jae hired the help of Woo-seung to go to the lake where he allegedly went missing. I thought he would find something interesting in that place but he only vocalizes my hunch that his disappearance seems suspicious. Their trip ended up with a series of antics that you’ll find both funny and yet sweet. Despite Hyun-jae’s celebrity attitude, he still helped Woo-seung while she’s “blind” due to missing contact lenses. Their scenes are cute and the elements of a good rom-com scene were all there but I just can’t see them together as a couple. Or maybe I was just rooting for someone else.

The plagiarizer


Hyun-jae was helping Woo-seung in a convenience store, where she worked as a part-timer, when he crossed path with MJ (Cha Eun-woo). He earlier discovered that his unreleased song was copied. Their confrontation only ended up in a ludicrous squabble with him and MJ’s fans. I think Hyun-jae always act on a whim and ended up looking and doing something stupid. It would be frustrating in some instances but I’m letting it go because it always results to hilarious scenes.

Now back to MJ and Hyun-jae’s song. MJ warned CEO Park Young-jae (Hong Kyung-min) that someone knew he didn’t compose his hit song. It kind of confirmed my theory from the first episode that Young-jae used Hyun-jae’s songs from his notebook for his own artists. I also think Young-jae stole Hyun-jae’s money and is somehow involved with his disappearance. All of these are just my theories but the foreshadowing seems to be going in this direction.

The unrequited


I have a soft spot for all things secondary in dramaverse and that includes characters who end up being the second choice. Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae) and Lee Gwang-jae (Cha Tae-hyun) seem to be in the same situation. They always save the girl but they don’t own their hearts. It is still too early to tell whether Woo-seung doesn’t feel the same with Ji-hoon. But I wanted to reach out and give Ji-hoon a tight hug when I saw him worriedly looking for Woo-seung. He always does nice things for her. I wonder why can’t Woo-seung see it.


On the other hand, Gwang-jae comforts Hong Bo-hee (Yoon Son-ha) after her disastrous TV appearance. I already expressed my liking for Gwang-jae in last week’s episode and their piggyback ride scene solidified it. He was there for Bong-hee when Hyun-jae went missing. He was the one who cleans up Hyun-jae’s mess. So when he said he will try to hard fill Hyun-jae’s void, I feel sorry for him. Gwang-jae is aware that he is just a replacement to Hyun-jae. I’ll pray  hard to dramagenies to let him have a good character ending.

Maknae’s episode verdict


The series has just begun but I’m already taking sides among the characters. Although I have my favorites, I’m still rooting for all of them. I’m also bracing myself for a lot of heartaches because it seems that the characters have a long way to go before their well-deserved happy resolution.

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