Noona Slayer: Top 10 Young Oppas

Dictionary: Oppa (오빠) = OLDER male (to females)

K-Drama Fans: All good-looking guys regardless of age.

After raping the replay button on Shinee’s Replay, I created this Top 10 List of Young Oppas you want to hear say “Noonan neomu yeppeo (Noona, you’re so pretty).” Imagine Park Bo-gum whispering this to you! I kenaaaat.

So, who do you want to hear them say “noona, you’re so pretty?

  • Park Bo-gum


*Imagine Bogummy asking a kiss from you.
June 16, 1993 (24 y/o)
WEAPON: Smile sweeter than chocolate bingsu 🍫🍫

Noona-killing character:
Lee Yoon-hoo | Cantabile Tomorrow

  • Park Hyung-sik

November 16, 1991 (25 y/o)
WEAPON: Everything! Anything! Just every bit of this hot human being 😍😍😍

Noona-killing character:
Yoo Chang-soo | High Society

  • Nam Joo-hyuk


*Proven noona lover after confirming relationship with Lee Sung-kyung, who is 4 years his senior.

February 22, 1994 (23 y/o)
WEAPON: Flower boy charms and height that will make you beg for more haha

Noona-killing character:
Kwon Eun-taek | Cheese in the Trap

  • Lee Hyun-woo

March 23, 1993 (24 y/o)
WEAPON: Tsundere feels that will make you ask for more 👺👼

Noona-killing character:
Cha Eun-gyeol | To The Beautiful You

  • Seo Kang-joon


October 12, 1993 (23 y/o)
WEAPON: Those striking eyes that will pierce into your soul 👀👀

Noona-killing character:
Baek In-ho | Cheese in the Trap

  • Jeong Jin-woon


May 2, 1991 (26 y/o)
WEAPON: To die for body that will make you beg on your knees uuugggh sexy beast 💪💪

Noona-killing character:
Han Yeo-reum | Marriage not Dating

  • Infinite L (Kim Myung-soo)


March 13, 1992 (25 y/o)
WEAPON: That dimple you can dive into 🙆🏊

Noona-killing character:
Ki Sung-jae | The Time We Were Not in Love

  • Yook Sung-jae


May 2, 1995 (22 y/o)
WEAPON: Them kissable lips you want to taste mmmmhhh 👄💋👄💋

Noona-killing character:
Gong Tae-kwang | Who Are You: School 2015

  • BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung)


December 30, 1995 (21 y/o)
WEAPON: Pretty face and beautiful voice killer combo 🔫🎤

Noona-killing character:
Suk Han-sung | Hwarang
Himself | BTS – Sangnamja (Boy In Luv) MV

  • Jisoo


March 30, 1993 (24 y/o)
WEAPON: Killer brows and jaws that will slice your noona heart 🔪🔪

Noona-killing character:
Seo Ha-joon | Cheer Up/Sassy Go

    Hwang Min-hyun


August 9, 1995 (21 y/o)
WEAPON: That face that makes my poor noona heart melt. Not to mention his soulful voice and to die for moves.

Noona-killing character:
Himself | NU’EST Love Paint MV | Produce 101


* Shameless promotion: I am appealing to your kind noona and dongsaeng hearts to save this beautiful creature and vote for him on Produce 101. Since we have readers from South Korea, it will be a great joy if you could vote for him so he could make it to the Top 11. Jebal, pleeeeeease Kamsahamnida!

min sorry

Please save our Emperor Hwang.


Check out my other Top 10 lists. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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CTTO for the pics and the Emperor’s GIF

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