K-Drama Reaction: Circle: Two Worlds Connected | Episode 8

What I like about this show is that whenever I have a new theory, it always confronts me just to prove me wrong. I almost forgot the “alien” premise of this story because of too many missing persons in the plot. I don’t know if we will ever get enough explanation why Jung-yeon never aged after all these years, but I am pretty much optimistic about the turn of events.

Circle 8 (1)

Part 1: Beta Project (2017)

Prof. Han threatens Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo) to find his father’s research files in exchange of Beom-gyun (Ahn Woo-yeon) and Byul/Jung-yeon’s (Gong Seung-yeon) safety. While searching for their father’s personal belongings, Woo-jin finds an old calling card of his father bearing his e-mail address. He successfully hacked the e-mail account through the help of the very young Dong-soo, but was unable to find any pertinent information. After opening a hidden zipped file, he saw old pictures of them with Byul at their old family house…which gave him an idea that he may find a lead in Gyeodok-dong.

Circle 8 (2)

Prof. Park Dong-geon discovers Beom-gyun’s whereabouts through hints and actions of Prof. Han. So that was what the phone call was about, I guess? In an earlier episode, Dong-geon revealed that although he was the last person Woo-jin talked to before he went missing, he was not the one whom he met last. Anyway, going back to the story… Detective Hong came to Dong-geon’s office to ask about his knowledge in bio cybernetics. He showed him the blue brain bot found in the corpse of one suicide victim. Caught off guard by the question, he denied his knowledge about the blue worm. Uh oh. I smell something fishy.

Jung-yeon finally confronts her fake dad Prof. Han after planting a hidden surveillance camera inside the faculty room. There were no holds barred in the conversation as Prof. Han finally revealed that the whole experiment was because of Byul (or her). Apparently, Woo-jin’s father was able to lock Byul’s memories before he disappeared, which means their experiment worked!

Circle 8 (3)Circle 8 (4)

Prof. Han is turning into a psycho after getting so engrossed in the research. He thinks he can save humanity if he will be able to control the human brain. We all know that this will eventually happen in the future, but the real question is who did it? Who invented the Human B system in Great New World?

Circle 8 (6)

This intense conversation between the fake father-and-daughter was witnessed by Dong-geon after he found the hidden camera while rummaging through Prof. Han’s desk. Luckily, Min-young (Jung In-sun) was also there to hear everything, and was able to catch Dong-geon in the act. She attempted to get the camera from Dong-geon’s possession, only to be held back by the professor.

Woo-jin rushes to their house after learning that Beom-gyun was indeed locked up in there. After being mulled by two goons, he successfully broke into the house and found his unconscious hyung lying on the floor. This brotherly love between our twins is so heartwarming and painful to watch. Both are facing life and death but are still fighting for their lives. I wonder what triggered the room to light up during the twin’s sad reunion. Is it a voice command sort of thing? Because while Woo-jin was wailing and Beom-gyun was whispering his brother’s name, their father’s computer suddenly turned on. What a creepy cliffhanger!

Circle 8 (11)Circle 8 (12)

Part 2: Great New World (2037)

For the first time in a while, I found this second part to be more entertaining than the first one. Though I declared Beta Project to be my personal favorite, I like the twist of this story more.

Awww, Ho-soo (Lee Ki-kwang) got his care chip removed! Now that Ho-soo is becoming more of a normal person, his bromance with Detective Kim Joon-hyuk (Kim Kang-woo) is a sailing ship. I love how Joon-hyuk teases Ho-soo in having raw emotions now that he has no care chip inserted in his body.

Circle 8 (15)

I admit, this show got me into believing that Minister Park Dong-geon is a much better person in the future. After the whole shenanigan about the Human B chairman’s real identity, I was really surprised by this revelation. He was not in my list of who’s who so good job, show!

After the many riddles laid out by this drama, we finally get to confirm that Minister Park is the real chairman! It’s not Woo-jin. It’s not Woo-jin’s father Kim Gyu-cheol. It’s not Prof. Han. Well played, Human B. Well played.

Circle 8 (16)Circle 8 (18)

So now that the evil forces have been revealed, I wonder what will happen next especially after they locked the memories of Smart City Mayor Yoon. I don’t get why they had to lock his memory, but reveal their identity to Joon-hyuk. Does the police not threaten you anymore?

Anyway, I love how this show plays with its characters very well. You’ll never really know who the bad guys are. You even suspect the good guys to be the bad ones, and the bad eggs to be good Samaritans.

Circle 8 (13)

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