K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 21-22

Bong-hee-ya (Nam Ji-hyun), please be careful! I’m afraid something bad will happen to you now that you know Jung Hyun-soo (Dong Ha) is the killer.

We all know that my fear for Bong-hee’s safety is valid given the fact that Hyun-soo can kill people he thinks would get in his way. Like in the case of Ko Chan-ho whom we have no idea if he’s still alive or already dead. Up until now, I’m still confused why Hyun-soo is tagged as an amnesiac murderer in the promotion of this drama as he doesn’t really looked like one to me. He’s more of a psychotic killer, jinja. And he’s truly scary! I’d like to commend actor Dong Ha for his superb portrayal of his role. Daebak!

My fear intensified when a weird client sought Noh Ji-wook’s (Wookie) help to defend him in court. This client was charged after assaulting someone in a café. Though he claimed that he only did that to prevent that person from attacking another person with a knife. Woah. I thought he was just using that alibi of seeing the future to get rid of his charges, but I got convinced when he got his predictions about the pizza and the cup right.


So when he told Ji-wook, Bong-hee, and the guys at the firm that two among them might die, I felt like something bumped into my chest. I was thinking, “Oh no, please let him got this one wrong. I can’t accept if something bad happens​ to Bong-hee or any of them.”

But the twist is shocking. I didn’t see that the weird client is actually one of the two persons he saw in his own vision. Now, the question is, who’s the other one? I’m having a bad feeling about it especially when I saw Ji-wook hysterically weeping in that client’s final foresight.

Seeing his client die due to a road accident right before his eyes, and realizing that life is too short and cruel, Ji-wook rushed to see Bong-hee. He ran to her and hugged her and told her to please like him back now. Awww, so much feelz in this scene.


These two should have already been together if not only Bong-hee uncovered Hyun-soo’s identity as the killer on the day she decided to give Ji-wook her answer to his confession.


Due to this, Bong-hee felt so guilty after realizing that she made Ji-wook defend a murderer in court. I can totally get how she feels, I just hope that she tells Ji-wook her discovery ASAP because I know he’ll understand. Also, having Ji-wook by her side can help her a lot in her battle against Hyun-soo.

See? My theory that Hyun-soo is after Bong-hee because he thought she witnessed him dropping a dead body in the water reservoir at her old apartment building is correct. It’s also true that Hyun-soo only killed Jang Hee-jun (Chansung) because he happened to be at Bong-hee’s apartment at the wrong time. I hate that guy because he’s a jerk but I feel sad that he had to die so unfairly. Thanks to that pervert ahjusshi, they were able to uncover this mystery.

And oh, I love the tenderness when Ji-wook held Bong-hee’s hand to make her feel alright after all the shocking truths that they learned. It’s so sweet and comforting at the same time.

Are you also dying to know what’s​ the connection between Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s fathers​? On the previous episodes, it seems like Bong-hee’s father is the shadowy man approaching the little Ji-wook during the fire incident that killed his parents. Now, we learned that Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s abujis shared the same death anniversary. Hmmm… the hints got me more and more curious!

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