K-Drama Reaction: The Best Hit | Episodes 11-12

“Happiness is neither around us nor it is far away. It doesn’t exist.”
– Choi Woo-seung, The Best Hit episode 12

The truth


I was so wrong for thinking that Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae) and Yoo Hyun-jae’s (Yoon Si-yoon) real relationship would be revealed later in the series. Lee Gwang-jae (Cha Tae-hyun) revealed then and there that Hyun-jae is Ji-hoon’s biological father. It also came as a surprise that Ji-hoon actually knew about it. It makes me think of how the story will progress now. It threw off my predictions game completely. But I had to concede that it makes thing more exciting.

One thing I got right though is the fact that Gwang-jae would somehow help Hyun-jae adjust in modern life. All of their hiding and running away scenes were funny.

Getting connected


The interactions of Ji-hoon and Hyun-jae to the female characters also confuse me on whether the pairings I’m betting on are the right one. Do Hye-ri (Bona) is slowly letting herself be closer to Ji-hoon. She was probably smitten with his nice boy appeal. If only Woo-seung could actually see that too.


Woo-seung, one the other hand, continues to use Hyun-jae’s debt to order him around. Unknowingly, Hyun-jae keeps witnessing her in her weakest time. That mascot trope, though already overused, is still sweet.

The secrets


Despite the earlier revelations, there were still secrets yet to be revealed. Gwang-jae almost caught Ji-hoon’s lie about his secret life as a trainee twice. I think Ji-hoon has only a little time left before Gwang-jae found out everything. I’m afraid it will hurt Gwang-jae more since I’m guessing Hyun-jae will take Ji-hoon’s side on the matter.


CEO Park Young-jae’s (Hong Kyung-min) secret is still not yet exposed and his involvement in Hyun-jae’s disappearance is still unclear. But since he already had Woo-seung’s name as a clue on MJ’s (Cha Eun-woo) suspicions, he would probably find out who knew he stole Hyun-jae’s compositions.


It seems that Hyun-jae’s disappearance seems haunted Bo-hee for nearly two decades. I’m really really hoping that time is enough for her to see Gwang-jae’s efforts to win her heart. It seems that she is still longing for Hyun-jae to come back and I’m afraid she might waver when she found out that Hyun-jae is back (well, sort of back but you know what I mean).

Maknae’s episode verdict


I think the previous episodes have spoiled me with light-hearted comedic scenes, I was not ready for the conflicts to dropped just like that. But things are being set up at the right time in the story. So, I’m not really complaining.

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