K-Drama Reaction: Fight My Way | Episode 5

I was waiting to see if Dong-man (Park Seo-joon), just like what Hye-ran (Lee Elijah) said, will be that same old dummy who would take her back again with no questions so seeing him look at her without saying a word kind of gave me uncertainty as to whether this he’s already over her or not.

Now to the favorite scenes:


Scene:  Tak-soo’s manager approaches Dong-man and Coach Hwang (Kim Sung-oh) and offers our new fighter a chance to debut. intending for him to win so that he can fight Tak-soo in a revenge match. He says that although he’s Tak-soo’s manager, he wants to get back on him because of his horrible attitude. The problem is that the tournament starts tomorrow. Coach Hwang objects to the idea saying that Dong-man is in nowhere near ready for a real fight.

Scene: Vividly recognizing the Madame who’s the primary suspect for a missing luxury watch, Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) approaches her and politely asks if ever she has forgotten to pay for something. The Madame immediately took offense with her questioning and drops everything from her bag and asks her if she sees a watch. Bingo! Ae-ra points out that she didn’t say that it’s a watch that’s missing. Alarmed, the Madame tries to walk out, but Ae-ra grabs her hat revealing the missing item. And just when we’re expecting Ae-ra to be rewarded with what she’s done, we see her being berated for confronting the Madame who turns out to be the chairman’s second wife who claims that she’s allowed to take whatever she wants, then pay later if she decides to keep it. Ae-ra is forced to apologize. When they exit the room, Dong-man sees Ae-ra’s face who’s barely holding back her tears. The woman sneers that all the money she spends here entitles her to employee service, which includes kneeling in apology. Dong-man notices Ae-ra’s knees red and scuffed. Unable to swallow in everything that’s happening, he grabs Ae-ra’s wrist to pull her away, but she shakes him off. Dong-man takes off Ae-ra’s uniform hat, throws it furiously at the woman, announcing that she quits her job as of this moment. He yells at the woman that her spending habits don’t give her the right to treat Ae-ra like this when all she did was catch a thief.

That ahjumma really got on my nerves but what I found more infuriating was the fact that that kind of power tripping was tolerated by the mall manager just because she’s an important customer. Has the world gone this crazy? I’m also kind of dismayed that Ae-ra allowed herself to be humiliated when she could stand up for herself because hey, there’s a whole heap of jobs out there to compromise your dignity especially when you’re just doing the right thing. And though, it made my heart flutter that Dong-man’s a knight in the shining armor to



Scene: Joo-man (Ahn Jae-hong) tries to explain to Seol-hee (Song Ha-yoon) why he lied that it would be Ye-jin (Pyo Ye-jin) not Chan-ho, he’ll be working with on the weekend. He says it’s a white lie so Seol-hee won’t have to worry but she argues that no lie is white. She says she’s more hurt that he lied about Ye-jin than the fact that he’ll meet with her and that she invited him for a dinner, especially when he has never lied to her. Joo-man embraces Seol-hee apologizing for losing his head.

I’m actually torn whose side to take because both of them made a sensible point. But unlike what Joo-man perceived as a lack of confidence in him, I do feel like that Seol-hee’s reaction reflects not her lack of trust in him but in herself. And though I like it that they don’t prolong their misgivings, it would be better if they talk things through rather than immediately making up superficially.

Scene: Blinded by anger after hearing Tak-soo’s insults, Dong-man decides to go into the amateur match without Coach Hwang’s permission. He calls Ae-ra to come telling her he needs a manager for his first fight. Inside the octagon, Dong-man fight with his Brazilian opponent who’s later revealed as a pro paid by Tak-soo’s camp to beat Dong-man. Dong-man tries his best but he easily gets choked to unconsciousness by his foreign opponent. Tak-soo’s Manager films the scenario and sends the video asking it to be published online. He hops in a car where Tak-soo praises him for his good acting. Ae-ra’s filled with shock and fear as she inches toward the ring seeing a knocked down Dong-man.

Whaaaat! I knew it! Dong-man shouldn’t have trusted that sly manager. Tak-soo is a coward who’s resorting to incomprehensible means just to avoid a face-off with Dong-man ’cause he knows he’ll definitely lose to him! What a dirty player! Now, all we could hope for is that Dong-man hasn’t sustained any career-ending injury because it would be such a waste especially now that he’a starting to rediscover what he really wants to do in life.

Images source: Dramabeans.com

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