K-Drama Reaction: Circle: Two Worlds Connected | Episode 9

We now have a clearer timeline on the origin of things, and the events that led our key players to where they are today. The thin line that connects the two worlds is slowly disappearing and we are about to enter the dystopian society with no distinct barrier from the past.

Part 1: Beta Project (2017)

Beom-gyun (Ahn Woo-yeon) is saved by Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo), Min-young (Jung In-sun), Detective Hong, and Prof. Park Dong-geon. After the group left, Dong-geon noticed the computer of the twin’s father Kim Gyu-cheol turning off. He realizes that something is going on inside that room and further probes any valuable information he may extract from the incident. I won’t go into details about this discovery but it explains how Dong-geon got interested into the research project that Prof. Han and Gyu-cheol had been working on all these years.

Circle 9 (7)

Prof. Han, Dong-geon, and Gyu-cheol were apparently classmates since college days and had been working on a certain project involving human memories. Dong-geon, as we all know, made that blue worm-like brain bot which was experimented through insertion into the bodies of students (which even caused the death of some). Byul’s (Gong Seung-yeon) appearance also played an integral part in the process because she was the one who made the formula and provided the necessary data in the completion and success of the research project. The two professors were beyond amazed by the possibility of controlling one’s memories by converting them into video files. Of course, who would not be awestruck by this scientific discovery, right?

My disappointment with the professors was solidified in this episode because of their common greed in using a scientific research for personal gain. They may disguise this as a key to help save humanity, but we all know the “saving” never happened. Their greed took over and ruined the lives of the people for good.

Circle 9 (5)

This episode also explained how Hyeon-seok sunbae stayed with the Human B as its director all this time. He started working for Dong-geon as soon as he abandoned Prof. Han, and covered up all the dirty work.

Circle 9 (6)

I liked how the twin’s father was able to hide all the pertinent information through his children. He was able to protect his work and his children at the same time. I just hope he is alive somewhere enjoying his cup of coffee while the people he left behind all went crazy looking for his missing files.

Poor Beom-gyun hyung started to lose his memories in this episode. Although he does not seem so threatened by this development, this solidified Beom-gyun, Woo-jin, and Byul/Jung-yeon’s roles in the development of Human B without their knowledge. I have to give it to Dong-geon for playing his cards so well and succeed in his takeover of the research project. He was able to confirm that memories can indeed be saved as videos without much leg work. He effortlessly discovered the truth, thanks to the effort of Prof. Han and Woo-jin.

Circle 9 (11)

Part 2: Great New World (2037)

The endless search for Woo-jin continues in this episode, but it is becoming more challenging now. Bluebird/Jung-yeon and Detective Kim Joon-hyuk (Kim Kang-woo) are both considered wanted persons, and Lee Ho-soo (Lee Ki-kwang) officially jumped ship. We now form a new trio of heroes with the objective of revealing the evils of Human B and finding our Beta Project hero Woo-jin.

Circle 9 (14)

For one moment, I was so torn after finding out the back story of Hyeon-seok’s secretary/aide! Behind the tough and cold façade as the head security officer who was always following the orders of Human B, she was just an older sister who will do everything to get treatment for her blind dongsaeng. What can get sadder than that?

One interesting part of this episode is the reemergence of Prof. Han, who was apparently locked up in house arrest all these years. As it turned out, he was the one used by Dong-geon and Hyeon-seok in experimenting the calming care microchip. His memories were also locked and he seemed to have aged significantly.

Circle 9 (18)

Although I hoped Woo-jin was the one locked up inside that hideout, I was aware that the show will not reveal Woo-jin’s whereabouts this early. We still have three episodes left, you know.

Circle 9 (17)

Human B has taken over Smart City, with the government under the control of its chair, Minister Park Dong-geon. You see Dong-geon’s clever mind has been taking him to extreme heights. Who would even think that a high ranking government official is also the Human B founder? Again, he has been playing his cards so damn well!

Circle 9 (12)

I agree with Joon-hyuk in his desperation to find Woo-jin. The three of them may have the same goal of finding Woo-jin and taking down Human B, but Joon-hyuk is the one who wants to trace Woo-jin most. Nothing beats family after all.

Circle 9 (13)



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