K-Drama Reaction: Fight My Way | Episode 6

Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) got knocked out in his debut match and we’re out for some suspense if the injuries would stop him from pursuing MMA or whether or not Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) will allow him to try it again. And now that we see him picking up his dream again, how about Ae-ra’s passion for news anchoring? Is she really pursuing it now?

Now to the episode’s highlights:

Scene: Dong-man wakes up in the hospital to see Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) sobbing like he’s already dead. Haha. Crying, she tells him not to try martial arts again or else he’ll never see her again. He teases her that she looks like a baboon when crying and tells her to stop because she’ll tire herself out. As he wipes Ae-ra’s tears, we see Hye-ran (Lee Elijah) dashing through the hospital and finds the two. Hye-ran tells Ae-ra can go now that she’s already here. Ae-ra protests but Hye-ran insists that she leaves. Dong-man finally interrupts her and tells her that she should go instead as he holds Ae-ra’s hand. He tells her not to contact or visit him anymore because she makes him feel sick. Undaunted, Hye-ran says that he’s only doing it just to show off. She tells him to answer her calls or she’ll take it that he wants a visit from her. Right after she leaves, Ae-ra demands Dong-man to explain why he held her hand, which seems more like asking him to validate Hye-ran’s point. He says he didn’t know and says he’s still hurt.

Wow! Hye-ran is so brazen. How could she order Ae-ra around just like she’s entitled to it? Maybe it had always been the case in the past where she can do anything as she pleases. So it’s gratifying to see Dong-man finally call her out. It’s safe to say that he’s finally over her. And when it’s written all over the place, seems like Dong-man and Ae-ra are still doing the guessing game when it comes to their true feelings.

Just want to take note of the sound editing because it seemed really off. Ae-ra’s sobs sounded dubbed especially when she began toning down her crying but the sound remained loud. Haha.

Scene: Dong-man, jogging around the neighborhood, sees Seol-hee (Song Ha-yoon) and Ae-ra sending Joo-man (Ahn Jae-hong) off to work. He brags that his injuries have gone down. Ae-ra quips that he should get more beating to put him back to his senses. He asks if Seol-hee’s on her way to Joo-man’s nephew’s birthday. She agrees and shows off her pink dress but earns no reaction from him. Ae-ra to the rescue! She throws her compliments, saying she’s the puppy type that adults like. Seol-hee returns her compliments, saying Ae-ra is like a kitten that men go after. Ae-ra meows, Seol-hee cutely barks back and forth, getting very excited while Joo-man just stares. Seol-hee says she feels insulted he’s not saying a single word. He says a human should not talk while animals are yapping. Haha.

This one is a personal favorite. Although it’s not something that propels the plot, it displays the great dynamics among the friends. Who says there can’t be a good chemistry between girls? Kim Ji-won and Song Ha-yoon are just killing it! Girls, find a best friend who sincerely thinks you’re the best even if the rest of the world is not!

Scene: As they check the gifts from their visitors, Joo-man’s pregnant sister takes notice of an envelope from Seol-hee’s mother and opens to see some cold cash. All of a sudden, Joo-man arrives and asks for Seol-hee’s whereabouts. He then finds her washing the dishes so he drags her to face his family. He tells them not to look down on her and treat her well. But as her sisters try to reason out, he explodes, telling everyone that if there’s someone they should be grateful for, it’s Seol-hee who had supported him when he was studying and was starting at a company. His sister rebuffs him saying it’s not like he’s going to marry her. Joo-man, in a loud voice, says that if he’s not going to marry Seol-hee, then he won’t marry anyone else.

Phew! That was emotionally charged! Seol-hee is like that modern Cinderella only with evil stepsisters. The way they treated was so infuriating to say the least. If they don’t like her then they shouldn’t have her working like a dog instead. So it was kind of relief that Joo-man sincerely likes her to the point that he called his family out. That moment when Joo-man took a short pause before saying that won’t he marry anyone else if it wasn’t Seol-hee had me screaming in my mind for him not to go the bad guy route! There are so many obstacles in their relationship so I am hoping that they’s be able to overcome it all. Scene: On


Scene: On board a bus, Joo-man and Seol-hee talk about what has happened earlier with his family. She tells him that strangely, she found him sexy when he got angry. She adds that she’s so happy that he came, which makes her curious why he actually showed up. He says it’s because he received a text from her Mom – for the first time. Flashback to the earlier time of the day. Unknown to Seol-hee, her Mom cleans up the garbage at the party venue to help her. But the sight of her pulling a bag of trash is something Mom can’t take so she leaves angrily. Aghast, Mom composes her message to Joo-man warning him not show up anymore and that she won’t let her daughter be part of his disgusting family. Mom has had a change of heart, erases the message and sends a different one asking him to treat Seol-hee because she likes him very much. Reading the message, Seol-hee starts crying realizing that Mom helped her and saw her in that pitiful state.

It’s a brief appearance but Seol-hee’s Mom has won my heart. We all know that fact that mothers and parents in general, they’d rather be the ones suffering than their children and we saw an example of that in this episode. But with Joo-man’s Mom, no comment. I was also touched by her consideration towards Seol-hee that even if she has all the rights to be angry at Joo-man, she didn’t forget that it’s him that his daughter loves so she asked him to treat well instead. Now I know from whom Seol-hee took after.

Scene: Ae-ra feigns her sleep as she lies on a hospital bed. She uncontrollably lets some gas off quite a few times then quickly sits up when Moo-bin (Choi Woo-shik) tries to listen to her stomach. He explains to her she fainted because of IBS but she requests him to stop talking about it. Ae-ra sees an incoming call from Dong-man but Moo-bin stops her from answering it. He asks her why she’s always so uncomfortable with him. He says he’s doing all he can to win points from her but it seems like she always wants to leave. He tells her she’s his dream and she makes his heart pounds when he sees her which makes Ae-ra goes weak. He leans forward and kisses her on the lips. He kisses her again but this time, Dong-man catches them. Surprised. Ae-ra tells Dong-man that it’s not like what he thinks but he shuts the door and leaves but after a few steps, he turns around and returns.

Unexpectedly Moo-bin’s got some skills in swaying a girl’s feelings. Although he’s a bit awkward and all, his honesty makes him an attractive man. Choi Woo-shik is billed as a guest, isn’t he? Because at this rate, he seems to be the show’s official third wheel in the Dong-man and Ae-ra’s romance, well, maybe the fourth one because of Hye-ran. However, what I’m excited to see is how will Dong-man react to it. Will it be a turning point for him to finally admit to himself that he has feelings for Ae-ra and that he’s jealous of Moo-bin. I’m itching for the love game to move forward so I really look forward what’s in store for the next episode. 

Images Source: Dramabeans.com

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