K-Lookbook: Jun Ji-hyun (Legend of the Blue Sea)

Jun Ji-hyun is one of the first Korean actresses that comes into mind when talking about fashion and beauty. Her ethereal face and elegant aura could make any type of clothing look high-fashion. Add the fact that she’s one helluva great actress, Jun Ji-hyun secured her place as a superstar.

All hail as K-lookbook features Jun Ji-hyun’s vouguish outfits in her hit fantasy series, Legend of the Blue Sea.


Migrating from the deep ocean to land proved that Shim Cheong is up for any adventure and she sure knows how to be an adventurist when it comes to clothing. She experimented with the right pieces that achieved the goal of looking affluent. Ji-hyun also went for a subtle yet sophisticated eye makeup to complete her overall samonim look.
Maknae’s advice: do the half-line eye makeup trick if you want to create the illusion of wider eyes.


This mermaid probably has affinity for luxury brands as most of her outfits came from Miu Miu, Lanvin, and Tom Ford. Her sequined short sleeved dress from the pilot episode is from the Dolce&Gabana collection.


Shim Cheong’s garbage bin (aka her wardrobe source) is probably filled with items from big fashion houses as she dons another D&G dress for her impromptu birthday party in one of the episode. This aquatic goddess also wore comfy clothes at home without sacrificing her chic look.
Maknae’s style advice: tie your hair up sans a brush for a homey chic look ala Shim Cheong.


Like transforming her fins into legs, Jun ji-hyun can swap from society elite look to the pretty neighborhood girl in an instant. Her secret? Opt for more simpler clothing, like white top or classic floral prints, to get that girl-next-door appeal.

This wraps-up K-Lookbook’s Legend of the Blue Sea feature. Comment below for the next dramaland characters you want to see in this segment!

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