K-Drama Reaction: Circle: Two Worlds Connected | Episode 10

What a great cliffhanger to end this week’s episode! Now that there are only two episodes left, more answers have been revealed and I cannot wait to see how this breakthrough drama will end.

Circle 10 (1)

Part 1: Beta Project

We open the first part with the old childhood memory of Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo) receiving a star accessory from Byul/Jung-yeon (Gong Seung-yeon). This contains Woo-jin’s memories from birth up to present. So this explains why Prof. Han went all crazy to restore Byul’s memories. He wanted to know why and how on earth Byul successfully recorded Woo-jin’s memories and store them in a small drive. And since the twin’s father Kim Gyu-cheol went missing, the only key to this Beta Project remains to be Byul, forcing him to act as his fake father in order to keep an eye on her. Now, everything makes sense.

Circle 10 (2)

This episode also explained how Park Dong-geon was able to work with Human B and develop the system. So Human B was a covert organization funding Professors Kim and Han’s research project. Dong-geon was able to lure them to his side by telling them about his knowledge on the missing files of Prof. Kim.

Still playing the nice teacher card, he told Woo-jin the truth about this whole Beta Project (except his own participation in the experiment) and tried to convince him to help Human B in order to save Beom-gyun (Ahn Woo-yeon). Though I have my theories again, I just hope Woo-jin would not take the bait.

Circle 10 (7)

After his tense confrontation with Dong-geon, Woo-jin finally solves the missing piece in the puzzle left by his father and found the USB drive in halmeoni’s possession. I almost cried when halmeoni finally remembered his face after a desperate cry. Hugs, Woo-jina!

Beom-gyun is a completely different person now. I clearly understand Woo-jin for procrastinating the restoration of his hyung’s memories. For the first time since their father left, Beom-gyun is finally laughing. For the first time in a very long time, he is at peace and acts like a normal person. And one great development is that he does not recognize Byul anymore! But since Min-young (Jung In-sun) is the most logical person in this drama now, she disagrees with Woo-jin’s plan. Our poor Beom-gyuni. Let me share my favorite lines for this episode c/o our brave, rational girl Min-young.

“Beom-gyun ended up that way while trying to find the truth. To Beom-gyun, the truth might mean more than happiness…His memories are what makes him the person he is. Is it okay to have no memories as long as he’s happy?”

Min-young makes up a great case in point, don’t you think? If you can convert your own memories into video files, what would you do: save or delete?

Circle 10 (5)Circle 10 (6)

Part 2: Great New World

This part also made me fall in love with Lee Ho-soo (Lee Ki-kwang) even more! Who would not love a person who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of other people? Now that the Human B was able to track the location of our trio, Ho-soo came up with a plan in order for Detective Kim Joon-hyuk (Kim Kang-woo) and Bluebird/Jung-yeon to escape authorities. He lets himself get arrested by the Human B so that they can infiltrate the security network. He asked Jung-yeon to put a virus in his care chip and once his memory gets checked by the bad side, they will be able to hack the system. Clever, right? I almost skipped a beat after Joon-hyuk thanked him for the first time.

If you thought finding the lunatic Professor Han now would be useless, wait until you watch this episode. Despite being in an unstable state of mind, he was still able to give a hint that the supercomputer that Human B uses is still not working without Woo-jin. So does this mean Woo-jin is inside Human B headquarters all along?

Circle 10 (17)

After successfully breaking in at the Human B headquarters, Joon-hyuk and Jung-yeon went all the way to the 99th floor using the emergency stairs. Wow, those two may have been so fit and healthy to be able to go upstairs like that. I bet my legs would already be shaky by the time I am at the 4th floor. LOL

Circle 10 (15)

While on their way up, the two heard footsteps of someone going down. And with shocked faces, we heard Joon-hyuk mumbling the name of his long lost dongsaeng. Omo, is it Woo-jin?

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