K-Drama Reaction: Fight My Way | Episode 7

Moo-bin (Choi Woo-shik) scored his first kiss with Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) but they got caught by Dong-man (Park Seo-joon). And just when we thought Dong-man walked out, he turned around to actually confront two! So what happened next?

Let’s see in this week’s highlights!

Scene: Dong-man barges in to confront Ae-ra and Moo-bin after he caught them kissing. He demands to know what they’re doing and tells Moo-bin to make the relationship status clear before kissing her.  Moo-bin retaliates and tells Dong-man to dro the ‘friends’ act and asks him if he likes him. Flustered, Dong-man says his Ae-ra’s guardian—to her dismay. She asks him why he’s so angry and why she can’t date Moo-bin who’s all praises to her. He says he knows that Moo-bin is a fraud. He tells her to keep her distance from him so she asks why would she do that when he likes her too much. She continues with her questions and ask Dong-man if he likes her. Dong-man shorts out of his mind then yells that he likes her!—and Seol-hee (Song Ha-yoon) and Joo-man (Ahn Jae-hong) too. Ae-ra tells him that as a friend, he should congratulate her, because she and Moo-bin are now officially dating.

This what exactly happens when you like a person but you can’t tell her/him because allthough you’re insides are screaming that you’re jealous, all you can do is make excuses to express it and cover it up in the same time. We’re halfway the series so I’ll appreciate if we go down the ‘confession’ path sooner. It’s cute but it’s starting to get frustrating especially for Ae-ra, I guess. 

Scene:  At work, Joo-man’s boss tells him that the family of a kimchi brand they carry specifically selected him to be their launching manager. Inside a conference room. he tells Seol-hee the good news and they jump over his good fortune, though Joo-man can’t understand why they would request him personally. He kisses her all over her face until they hear a knock at the door—it’s his entire team, here for a meeting. She hides inside a cabinet while Dong-man tries to make up suggestions for the members to leave the office. He finally succeeds in convincing them to go out for a short break but Ye-jin (Pyo Ye-jin) stays to confront him. She asks him what she has to do to convince him of her feelings. Joo-man tries to quiet her but she blurts out that they even kissed and then walks out. Seol-hee opens the cabinet and asks if they did kiss, with utter pain written all over her face.

Oh no!!! What’s going to happen with our secondary couple? They have kissed and made up a couple of times so will they be able to overcome this one? I hope so because it’s a complete understanding. We all know that the kiss was unsolicited but judging on Seol-hee’s expression, I think it will be extremely difficult to convince her that it’s nothing.

Scene: Ae-ra contemplates on whether or not she’ll go to the dinner party to surprise Moo-bin whom she thinks was so shy to ask her for a date. She then decides to go, picks a pretty dress and puts on the shoes Moo-bin gave her despite it being too small for her.

She finally arrives at the event and waits for Moo-bin, but to her surprise, he’s with another girl who obviously is his muse for the night. He tries to ignore Ae-ra but she pulls him back. Moo-bin explains in Japanese to the woman she’s with that Ae-ra is a regular patient. The woman then leaves after she’s seen her father who turns out to be the hospital director. Much worse, Ae-ra learns that the girl is Moo-bin’s fiancee and that they’re getting married soon. Moo-bin explains to Ae-ra that his feelings are real and that he has no plans of breaking up with her neither calling off the engagement. Infuririated, she calls him a piece of trash.

Meanwhile, Dong-man who’s got reunited with Bo-ram (Jin Ji-hee) after chance encounter learns about how Moo-bin lured her into dating him just to show it off to Dong-man so that he could feel superior to him.

Back to Ae-ra and Moo-bin. He finally confesses to her that it was her closeness to Dong-man that drew him to her. Ae-ra asks what has Dong-man got to do with them. Moo-bin says that he’s annoyed that Dong-man is always happy even though he has nothing. Ae-ra argues that no matter how Dong-man behaves, he’s way better than a piece of trash like Moo-bin. She kicks off the shoes he gave her, saying that Cinderella stories aren’t popular anymore, because the world is filled with dumb but hardworking women who can succeed on their own.

What a revelation! I actually didn’t see this coming but now all I can say is that Moo-bin’s a total jerk! I know he’s genuinely awkward and sweet around Ae-ra but I could not look at him the same way anymore because man, you’re a bastard! On the brighter side of things, now that Moo-bin is out of the picture, can we have more developments on the romance’s side between our best friends?

Scene: Dong-man finds Ae-ra walking on the streets barefooted. He demands that she takes him to Moo-bin so he can beat him up but Ae-ra says she’s too exhausted and asks him to just sit with her. Dong-man checks her carefully, making sure that she wasn’t hit, but she says she just yelled at Moo-bin then left. Dong-man reprimands her, asking why she’s shivering and upset, then he kicks off his own shoes for her to wear. Ae-ra says pragmatically that it’s not like she loved Moo-bin, admitting that she only dated him because she was angry. But when Dong-man gets riled up again, she starts to cry for real.Dong-man takes off his sweatshirt and tosses it over Ae-ra’s head, which allows her to cry her heart out. He hugs her still-covered, but she lashes out at him, telling him to stop doing things like this. He yells back for her to stop making him angry. Ae-ra pushes him away and removes the sweatshirt. She tells him to stay out of her love life or he’ll regret it, but Dong-man argues that he wouldn’t have to get involved if she didn’t keep messing it up. Suddenly, Ae-ra blurts out that Dong-man makes her her flutter. Dong-man stares at her, dumbstruck, so she repeats herself.

Ae-ra always surprises me! Finally, one of our duo has got to admit what she truly feels and now we’re up to see how Dong-man will react to it. Will it prompt him to act on his feelings? or things will get akward from now on? Well, we have to catch the next episode. to find out! I’d also like to weigh in on Ae-ra’s behaviour. We might raise our brows that she easily gets over her ‘exes’ but I think it speaks a lot about how she tries to balance secretly harbouring a crush on someone but not getting stuck up. It’s true that Dong-man’s her first love, but because she’s not certain as to whether the feeling is mutual, she didn’t allow it to stop her from seeing other men because I think that’s the best way to go. I think we can larn from her.


Scene: To get back on Moo-bin, Dong-man tells hospital staff how Moo-bin seduced a woman while he was engaged, all along intending to keep seeing her after the wedding. The rumor spreads like wildfire, particularly the part where the innocent girlfriend hung herself in despair/ When the story reaches chief director, he calls off Moo-bin’s wedding to his daughter immediately.

Great thanks to this epilogue, because if they just let Moo-bin off the hook that easily, then I will be totally mad because that jerk needs some whack on his head to put him in the right place.

Images source: Dramabeans.com

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