Park Shin-yang to possibly lead TV adaptation of Japanese novel Flying Trapeze

Veteran actor Park Shin-yang (My Lawyer Mr. Jo, Lovers in Paris) receives offer for Flying Trapeze, the K-Drama adaptation of Japanese novel Kuchu Buranko by Hideo Okuda which won the 131st Naoki Prize in 2004.

If Park Shin-yang accepts the project, he will play the role of peculiar psychiatrist Dr. Irabu. From the original novel, Dr. Ichiro Irabu is described as an unreasonable individual and immature doctor who likes to give his patients shots and does other unusual treatments.

Flying Trapeze is part of the Psychiatrist Irabu series along with In the Pool (In Za Puru) and Mayoral Election (Chocho Senkyo). Buranko’s novel has already been adapted into a feature film, drama, stage play and anime series.

Flying trapeze psychiatrist irabu

The K-Drama adaptation of Flying Trapeze will be directed by Park Yong-soon (49 Days, Divorce Lawyer in Love) and will possibly air on SBS in the latter half of 2017.

Source: Dramabeans, Asianwiki, Wikipedia



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