Ryu Hyun-kyung considers joining Han Ye-seul in new MBC drama

Ryu Hyun-kyung (The Lover) has been offered to join Han Ye-seul (Madam Antoine) in the upcoming MBC drama, 20th Century Boys and Girls (literal title).

The series, which was previously titled No Sex and the City, is about the life and friendship of three 35-year-old women. The script has been written by Lee Sun-hye, whose previous work includes Reply 1997 and it will be directed by PD Lee Dong-yoon, who also worked for the drama, Fated to Love You.

Han Ye-seul and Kim Ji-suk has already accepted their offers. If Hyun-kyung agrees, she will play the role of Han Ah-reum, who striven to lose weight to become a flight attendant.

20th Century Boys and Girls is set to air in September on the Monday-Tuesday time-slot, following the upcoming sageuk, The King Loves.


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