K-Drama Reaction: The Best Hit | Episodes 15-16

“It’s amazing how we always miss each other.” – Lee Ji-hoon, The Best Hit epiosode 16

The investigation


Yoo Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon) got the help of Lee Gwang-jae (Cha Tae-hyun) on what lead to his untimely disappearance in the past. He still suspects Gwang-jae could be involved but I’m doubtful. But at least he was right on his suspicion that his former band mate, Park Young-jae, stole his unreleased songs. And kudos to him too for noticing his composing notebook could give him clues to what happened to him. (I have this scientific theory that Hyun-jae is actually from a parallel universe rather than the relative past but since it is not a canon and will make things complicated, I’ll just shut my nerdy self up.)

Hyun-jae also started looking for his record sale money at the loft. He has an inkling that his money was probably at the wooden floorboard in Choi Woo-seung’s (Lee Se-young) room but the question is whether the money is still there.

The fairy kimbap


Bo-hee accepted the offer to play the role of a kimbap for a commercial film in order to help Gwang-jae’s financial woes. To be honest, I’m kind of annoyed with Bo-hee’s character on the first few episodes. I think she dwells too much on the past she doesn’t seem to see and appreciate Gwang-jae’s effort. But in this episode, she proves that she’s more than a has-been fairy. I like where her character arc is going. She’s slowly letting go of the past and starting to accept her present.



I have wondered in the past episodes why Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae) never confessed his feelings for Woo-seung. It turns out the right timing never came. Plus Woo-seung seems to be so oblivious of Ji-hoon’s feelings. She kept insisting that Ji-hoon and Bona were dating. (Gurl, are you numb? He has been doing stuff for you that a male friend won’t do.)

At least dad Gwang-jae was there to give Ji-hoon some advice. He was actually giving a pep talk about Ji-hoon’s dreams of becoming an idol but it pushed Ji-hoon to act on things he wants. Ji-hoon left his dad and confessed with Woo-seung. Finally!!!

Maknae’s episode verdict


I have been busy shipping Ji-hoon and Woo-seung I forgot to acknowledge how good Yoon Si-yoon is in this drama. I can’t imagine anyone playing his role. His comic acts were on point and his scenes with Woo-seung were all heart fluttering. I can’t wait to see more of him as the series progresses.

p.s. MJ and Ms. Second Place’s interaction is kyowo.

p.p.s. Tell Me/Say It by J2 is a bop!

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