K-Drama Reaction: The Best Hit | Episodes 19-20

Most of the time, life will throw unexpected things at you to shake your world. It’s up to you whether you’ll going to be hit, avoid it, or face it head on. I think our time travelling protagonist is really good at adapting on whatever life gives to him.



Yoo Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon) rescued our injured female lead, Choi Woo-seung (Lee Se-young). While my beloved second lead, Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae), was a second too late. It was also noticeable that Hyun-jae is slowly getting closer with Woo-seung. He kept on convincing himself that his “alleged son” likes Woo-seung and he shouldn’t look at him as a woman but just like other K-dramas, the more one denies his feelings, the more it grows. I wonder if Hyun-jae will still be able to fight the growing attraction between them.


Hyun-jae seems to give piggybacks to our needy characters in this episode. He saw a drunk Lee Gwang-jae outside the convenience store. Seeing his former manager in that state made Hyun-jae decide he should step in and help them with their woes. Hyun-jae wanted to go back to he past quietly but it wouldn’t work that way. Also, Gwang-jae was apologizing to Hyun-jae over something. This could be a foreshadowing of his involvement to Hyun-jae’s disappearance. Or maybe not. I still couldn’t believe Gwang-jae would be involved in it in any way. But if it was really the case, I just hope Hyun-jae and Gwang-jae will fix their relationship in the end.



The backstory of why Lee Soon-tae (Lee Deok-hwa) was taking care of his granddaughter was also revealed. Mal-sook turned out to be an orphan and Soon-tae took the role of her carer ever since. I haven’t included them on my previous episodes although their scenes were just so adorably cute. Those were not really story highlights but there was a hint here and there that grandpa Soon-tae might be suffering from dementia. I already knew it was coming but it still hit me hard when a doctor finally confirmed it. I have a soft spot for the elderly so seeing our usual jolly old man sad breaks my heart. Mal-sook is growing up and I want grandpa Soon-tae to witness it just like how he was there for Mal-sook’s first crush. I was in tears when I saw that paper filled with Mal-sook’s name. Her granddaughter is the only thing Soon-tae doesn’t want to forget. This kind of tearjerker kills me hard.

Kim Da Bong


As I’ve said, Hyun-jae decided to step up and help Gwang-jae save their building. He sort of blackmailed CEO Park Young-jae (Hong Kyung-min) to give him money and a job as Star Punch’s executive producer. Young-jae follows Hyun-jae’s demands but I wonder how long will Hyun-jae hold the upper hand.

How to end a friendship


Ji-hoon kissed Woo-seung. They finally kissed (oh my noona heart can’t take it). Woo-seung kept on insisting they should just remain friends but Ji-hoon is so done being in the friend zone. This escalates things between them and will probably make poor Woo-seung more confused. I’m holding on a very tiny hope that Ji-hoon is not the second lead. But the odds are on Hyun-jae’s favor these days. He is always right on time whenever Woo-seung needed him. I may like to have an oppa whose always there for me but having two of them will be too much for my weak heart. I’m trusting that Woo-seung is strong enough to make a good decision when the time comes.

Maknae’s episode verdict


This drama makes me laugh, care about the characters, and cry with them. I like it when a series play with various emotions and The Best Hit is really good at doing that.

p.s. Mal-sook’s love-life is much more colorful than mine.



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