K-Lookbook: Nam Joo-hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo)

I haven’t taken my eyes off of Nam Joo-hyuk ever since I saw him as the cute student in two Akmu music videos. His pretty boy face and his lanky yet fit bod has made my picky fangirl heart flutter like a childish high school girl.

Before Nam Joo-hyuk debuted as an actor on tvN series, The Surplus Princess, he was first a fashion model. This fact is obvious on how he carries his character’s attires that were supposed to be plain and ordinary for his roles as a normal student.


Without further ado, let me take you to a collection of Nam Joo-hyuk’s suave but casual college style on his hit series, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

nam joohyook coat

As the college romance series was shot during winter, it was not surprising that Jung Joon-hyung’s wardrobe was filled with well-fitted classic overcoats. Those three-quarter-lengths overcoats emphasized Nam Joo-hyuk slender figure. You surely want to brave the cold just to meet this flower boy swimmer.

nam joohyuk athletic

Our athletic oppa doesn’t sacrifice his good looks even when he is just out for a run or a riding his bike. He looks more like an active-wear model than a college athlete.

Get his gray hoodie here.

nam joohyuk casual

From red plaid jacket to ripped jeans, Nam Joo-hyuk really nailed the laid-back college student look who everyone wants to be dorm hall neighbor with.

Try his plaid bomber jacket here.

nam joohyuk his and her

As I was browsing through Weightlifting Fairy photos, I’ve noticed some similarities on both Joon-hyung and Kim Bok-joo’s outfits. Wearing the same color in different shade or same shirt in a different style can be a subtle way to show you’re a couple (and will not irk people like me who rolled their eyes on overly done matching outfits they see.)


Fun fact: Nam Joo-hyuk, the swimmer. Nam Joo-hyuk also played a student swimmer in the coming-of-age series, Who Are You? School 2015. He stars alongside Kim So-hyun and BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae. (But really, this is just an excuse to put a shirtless photo of him.)

Join me on the next part of K-Lookbook’s Weightlifting Fairy special featuring Lee Seung-kyung!

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