K-Drama Reaction: Bride of the Water God | Episode 2

Fate. It’s a secret of nature.

Awakening 101


If you want to awaken your destined servant, make sure you have deity powers. But it doesn’t matter to our narcissistic water god, Ha Baek (Nam Joo-hyuk). He just went on and kiss Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung). Apparently, a god’s kiss has the power to one’s mind. And since Ha Baek’s power is still MIA, it didn’t work for So-ah. At least, fans didn’t have to wait long for a kiss scene (We had it on a freakin first episode people!!). I wasn’t sold to this pairing before the start of the series but I have to concede that Joo-hyuk and Shin-kyung actually have onscreen chemistry.

Little Things Matter

In this episode, I realize the supporting acts were there not as mere accessories. I think they are essential to show changes on our main characters as the story progresses.


I’ve mentioned that Ha Baek came in human realm with his faithful servant, Nam Soo-ri (Park Kyoo-sun). Their relationship is that of a master and a servant but I think Soo-ri as a character will help show Ha Baek’s more caring side. Ha Baek may keep the facade of a callous deity but really he’s softhearted.


If Ha Baek has Soo-ri, then So-Ah has Yoo Sang-yoo (Shin Jae-hoon), her loyal nurse. Sang-yoo genuinely cares for So-ah, who handles a lot of things at once. At one point, I thought he was like a mother to So-ah. He constantly reminds her of things and helps her in so many ways. He even nagged her to exercise because it turns out So-ah was actually diabetic. I wonder what So-ah did that made Sang-yoo stick to her no matter what.

Maknae’s Theory: The Shin Clan?


Forget that I called him creepy in the pilot episode, okay? Hoo Ye (Im Joo-hwan) is just a keen observer and that is why he looks at So-ah that way. Hoo Ye has crossed path with So-ah for the second time and witness her in a predicament again. It’s nice to see that they were also slowly building up So-ah and Hoo Ye’s relationship. I hate it when the second lead becomes so obsessed with the female lead for no real reason. So this is a good move in my book.


Speaking of Hoo Ye, he went to see his uncle, Chairman Shin, to try to convince him to sell his land. I was about to dismiss the scene as nothing as coincidence but I then remembered the High Priest mentioning to Ha Baek that his human servant didn’t come from the Shin family. Is Hoo Ye part of a clan that serves gods or there is something more to his character than a mere human second lead?

The Bride’s Past


This episode really introduced the viewers to its female lead. I was guessing So-ah has issues with his father but it was more than that. The water god’s bride turns out to be aquaphobic. She got her trauma after attempting suicide by jumping to the Han River. She eventually regret her decision but that doesn’t mean she’s over it and moving on with life. Whatever issue she had that nights seems to remain unsolved.

This fact changes the way I look at the dynamic between her and Ha Baek. As much I want So-ah to deal with her trauma on her own, I also want Ha Baek to be instrumental in making her realize she is capable of doing so. My skeptic self always believes one person alone can’t change another. That person must want to want the change for it to really happen. And I’m hoping that is how their relationship will be.

Maknae’s episode verdict


I’m surprised that they already revealed So-ah’s trauma this early in the story. I was expecting more character introduction but they went on delve more into the female lead’s story. I like it anyway. There’s more to So-ah’s past than was what revealed in this episode. I think it was a good bait for the viewers. It effectively hooked you to the series and look forward to what will happen next.

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