K-Drama Reaction: The Best Hit | Episodes 21-22

Lee Ji-hoon’s new motto: carpe diem.

Lee Ji-hoon 2.0



I’m happy to see that Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae) learned from his past experiences. He became braver and bolder. He conceded that although he worked hard, he always hesitate on things he wanted. But I like his character’s growth. This time, he vowed that when an opportunity comes he’ll seize it. That includes using cute pickup lines to Choi Woo-seung (Lee Se-young). If only he does alpha-esque moves ala Yoo Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon).

K-Drama Cliches

I never thought that you can put multiple K-drama cliches in one episode.

Wrist grab


Our 90s idol surely knows how to make a girl’s heart go pit-a-pat with his alpha male moves. Hyun-jae seems to be on the right time at the right moment when it comes to Woo-seung. Unlike his son, he doesn’t think about what others would say and just take care of Woo-seung. He still uses Ji-hoon as an excuse to his acts but really he cares about Woo-seung more than he could accept.




This is the K-drama cliche I personally hate the most because of some stances I believe in but since this is dramaverse and they actually did it in a funny way, I’ll let it go. Plus they did end their pseudo-date on a heartfelt scene. Hyun-jae brought Woo-seung to the Chinese restaurant where she and her father last ate together. This is the side of Hyun-jae I like the most. He listens to people and tries to help them in his own way. Though he is still in denial about his caring soul (because I think he was really a narcissist in the past), he still goes out of his way to help others.



If I hate a makeover scene then an umbrella scene is my weakness. Just bring on some rain, umbrella, and a handsome oppa and my fangirl heart would give in. I don’t even ship Woo-seung and Hyun-jae but I suddenly want our time travelling main lead to get the girl.

Towel scene



This scene was hilarious. I’ve seen a lot of towel scenes that gave me second-hand embarrassment but this is so funny I forgot about the others already. And to think this was all because of a cockroach. Hul.

Oppa is sick


I always wonder if K-dramaland male leads have a weak immune system because they always end up with a bad case of flu or cold right after saving the female lead. But kidding aside, this scene shows that Woo-seung is really getting closer and closer to Hyun-jae. I’m afraid she will hurt the most when the truth about Hyun-jae and Ji-hoon’s relationship is revealed. Things will get complicated for her. But I’m holding on to her statement a few episodes ago that she doesn’t want to date Ji-hoon because he is the only person left in her life. She doesn’t want to lose him. This, I think, is a basic symptom of I’m-in-love-with-my-best-friend denial illness (or maybe I’m just really being loyal with my ship?).

Watch me while I sleep


The aftermath of the oppa-is-sick cliche is always the main lead watching the female lead while she sleeps beautifully (I wish I look like Woo-seung when I sleep too). A scene where many fangirls wish an oppa will also do that to them. I actually like these scenes because the male lead’s expressions are always unguarded and sort-of reveal their true feelings.

Maknae’s episode verdict


I have to admit that this feels like a filler episode. Aside from the progress to love-lines and Ji-hoon’s character arc, I don’t think anything significant happened. But this series has been giving me good vibes for a couple of weeks already so who am I to complain?

p.s. I like Do Hye-ri’s (Bona) fighting spirit.


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