K-Drama Reaction: Bride of the Water God | Episode 3

“How do you differentiate a truth from a lie? It’s always true when you believe what you want to believe. Because that’s less difficult and easier for you to manage. In this way, some truths blind people.”
– Ha Baek, Bride of the Water God episode 3

Nation’s Goddess


We finally got a glimpse of the two gods living in the human realm. Moo Ra (Krystal Jung), who I think lives in the Water Country, is a top actress in the human world. She’s even the ambassadress of Hoo Ye’s (Im Joo-hwan) hotel. There is no denying that she is a real deity as she has a temperament of a goddess. Everyone fears her wrath but not Ha Baek’s (Nam Joo-hyuk) reluctant servant, Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung). I like how she stood up for her “patient” when Moo Ra slapped Ha Baek in front of everyone. This made me wonder what kind of relationship she has with Ha Baek. She hates the fact that he brought a girl with her but she also didn’t help him even if she knew he’s in distress. She just called Bi Ryum (Gong Myung) to inform him about their encounter, mentioning something about being an accomplice and the god stones Ha Baek needs. I somehow understood that they are the guardians of those stones but I think there’s still more to it.

Second Lead’s Language


I thought this second lead is smart but I’m wrong. Hoo Ye can’t decipher So-ah’s language. His secretary had to point out that sometimes yes means no and no means yes (disclaimer: this only applies to certain situations because when a woman says no it really means a no). Hoo Ye rejected his secretary’s suggestion, saying So-ah seems to be a decisive person. I guess he’s right. But even a very decisive woman prefers to get a ride when walking a steep hill in heels. That’s okay though because I enjoyed watching Joo-hwan on a light scene like that (more please!).

He may lack in terms of reading a woman’s language but his timing is impeccable. He was there when So-ah was bullied by a schoolmate and witness how she fought hard not to be a pushover. I already mentioned it before but I like how Hoo Ye and So-ah’s relationship were also being established in the same pace as the main pairing. Although I think, our water god has been moving closer to So-ah.

It’s Different for a Deity


Cliches. Cliches. Cliches. Veteran K-drama fans have seen it all. And cliches are not bad especially if the series know how to spice it up. Fantasy series, like Bride of the Water God, have some leverage to contemporary dramas because they can get away with overused scenes just because of their unique characters. For example, Ha Baek helping So-ah is that typical damsel in distress scenario but because viewers know Ha Baek is an actual god and is not used to such acts, it becomes more of a progress with his character and a step forward to their relationship than just a mere swoon-y scene. It may have been trite but because of the fantasy elements, things become more distinct for the series. Did I make sense?

The In-denial Good Samaritan


I’m still surprised that this series is giving details about the female lead’s story this early. Again, I’m not complaining. I like it. It makes So-ah’s character different from the usual 2D personalities of a series’ damsels.

I also thought it was just perfectly reasonable for So-ah not to immediately agreed with Ha Baek’s request to bring him to her quarter. God or not, he’s a stranger and So-ah has the right to be hesitant. But it turns out, she has deeper reasons. Apparently, his father helps disadvantaged people so much that he neglects his own family’s welfare. It explains why So-ah keeps deflecting her good Samaritan nature. Now, I wonder how they’ll end up with their housing arrangement I’ve seen on teasers.

The Water God is Back?



The ending of this episode is a surprise though as Ha Baek saved So-ah after he was pushed by an unknown masked man from the building. (Anyone here thinks that the man was sent by Moo Ra? Or is it just me?) So anyway, Ha Baek used his power to protect So-ah and the high priest’s voice again pointed out their encounter is fate. He also mentioned something about him saving So-ah. I have a hunch from the last episode that the water god has saved So-ah when she attempted suicide but I didn’t raise it as I don’t have evidence. But now, I can vocalize that theory. Their fate has intertwined ever since that night when So-ah tried to run away from everything.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict


I totally understand why the Bride of the Water God is considered to be a hit or a miss. There are some points worth criticizing but let’s give credit on where it’s due. The world building and storytelling are still good at this point. The pace might have slowed down as the story settles in but it is still entertaining to watch. So is this episode a hit or a miss? It’ still a hit.

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