K-Drama Reaction: Bride of the Water God | Episode 4

Don’t fall for the Water God, there’s no cure for it.

Not Yet, Water God

Apparently, Ha Baek’s (Nam Joo-hyuk) powers hadn’t come back yet. It is not surprising since it is part of the main plot. Although it got me thinking that he could use his power when he really needed it. There should be a good explanation for this anomaly by the end of the series.

At least, this scene led to finalized their shared-house arrangement. I like how reluctant Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung) is up to the very last minute. But thanks to Nam Soo-ri, So-ah finally gave in and started to listen to Ha Baek’s story.

Yoon So-ah FTW

This series made me realize there are some cliches and “normal things” in K-dramaland that totally clashes with my personal stances. I usually let it pass since I’m aware how things work in fiction but a strong-minded female lead finally addressed my issues. Yoon So-ah berated the to-be-king of the God Realm on the way he keeps calling her his servant. I know, it was part of the fictional god world’s culture but it made me cringe every time I hear it. So-ah also called out Ha Baek for kissing her without her consent. This is a common thing in dramaverse and often make me feel giddy too but in real life, it was a no-no. And it is about time someone in this dramaverse said it.

Another thing that made me want to go hug So-ah is her childhood experiences. While, So-ah tries to figure out who attacked her, it was revealed that Yoo Sang-yoo (Shin Jae-hoon) is one of the disadvantaged kids So-ah’s dad had helped. On Sang-yoo’s account, So-ah always bullied them and quipped that they still probably have grudges to her. So-ah, on the other hand, thought she was a victim of her father’s negligence. I like how So-ah looked guilty with all the things she did as a child despite reassurances from Sang-yoo that it is all in the past now. It is consistent with So-ah’s denial of her good soul and that she is not really innately evil.

The Guardian Gods’ Alliance

Guardian goddess Moo Ra (Krystal Jung) seems to have an alliance with other guardians of the god stones. This makes it much more difficult for Ha Baek. But I have to agree with So-ah that such challenges make Ha Baek a better king. It helps drive Ha Baek’s character growth.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

All the plot’s wheels are turning and this episode promises more intense and entertaining turn of events in the future. It had smoothly laid down hints that foreshadowed possible conflicts. It revealed some details on characters that made me much more curious about them and their connections to other characters. This whole episode was entertaining enough for me to go on with the whole series.

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