K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Finale

I know that this K-Drama Reaction is already a few days late. It’s because I’m still sorting out my feelz after watching the finale. My separation anxiety is so strong I had to listen to the OST nonstop. Waaaah I miss them already!


Suspicious Partner never disappointed us ‘til the end. Its finale is one of the most satisfying I’ve seen, which for sure will stay with me for a long, long time. I love how all the loopholes are properly addressed, how misunderstandings and indifferences are settled down, and how each and every character—the good and the bad—got what they deserve.


I know we are all put at ease after Jung Hyun-soo (Dong Ha) was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crimes he has committed. I felt assured knowing that he’ll no longer be able to pose a threat to the happiness of Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) and Noh Ji-wook (Wookie), as well as the people around them.


It’s also nice to see how Bong-hee, Cha Yoo-jung (Kwon Na-ra), and Na Ji-hye (Kim Ye-won) found close friends in each other despite having issues in the past. I love how their hilarious bickerings give their friendship a much real feel. The same thing goes with Ji-wook and Ji Eun-hyuk (Choi Tae-joon). The finale didn’t show a scene where the two of them sat down to settle their issue. I just felt it, especially the notable absence of tension between them.


And of course, the main highlight of this finale… our main and supporting OTPs’ happily ever after! Finally, Eun-hyuk gave in to his feelings for Yoo-jung. I’m so happy for this guy because he deserves this. We witnessed all throughout this drama how he is a true friend to Ji-wook and Bong-hee. We saw how he truly cared for them, and how he sincerely wanted to patch things up with Ji-wook. These are the reasons why I couldn’t get angry at him despite the cheating he and Yoo-jung did. Though it was later on revealed that nothing really happened between him and Prosecutor Cha that night Ji-wook caught them together. But still, that’s considered cheating, right?

With our second female lead, I must admit that it was only in the last few episodes that I started to see her in a different light. I really don’t like her from the start because… IDK, I just don’t like ex-girlfriends who return to win back the guys they hurt and left behind just when they’re already on the road to recovery. But when I saw how Yoo-jung slowly lost her will to win Ji-wook back as she fell for Eun-hyuk, I decided to give her a chance. So I must say that I’m genuinely happy for her and Eun-hyuk.


Now with our main OTP! I’m sure that all JiBong shippers out there are rejoicing with this couple’s happily ever after. I love how the finale showed the other side of their relationship, that it isn’t always on cloud nine. Though there are moments Ji-wook and Bong-hee would quarrel over petty things, they remained to be a very adorable couple and realistic, too. Their morning kisses and the way they sleep side by side are simply the best! And omo, Ji-wook’s proposal is the bestest! I love that he shunned cheesy lines and extravagant props, and opted to make it simple yet genuine that I almost cried while watching it. Who wouldn’t? Thinking about all the challenges they had to face together before reaching this point will surely make your eyes teary. Aaaah, I love it. I just love it so muuuuch.



We all know that Nam Ji-hyun wasn’t the first choice for this drama. She was only the third option behind Lee Sung-kyung and Han Ji-min, who both turned down the lead role offer opposite Wookie. But I think it’s a blessing in disguise because Nam Ji-hyun pulled it off! Her oozing chemistry with Wookie is a sweet surprise. The truth is I’m now shipping them so hard in real life. ㅋㅋㅋ. Their almost nine-year age gap didn’t hinder them to have an undeniable on and off-screen rapport. Have you watched their BTS? Omo, go watch it and see for yourself why many fans are thinking there’s something going on between them. They’re so cute, and you can really see that they’re enjoying each other’s company on set.


Wookie in character as Healer (left) and K2 (right)

There’s no question that Wookie is born to be an action star with his previous dramas Healer and The K2, as well as his debut movie Fabricated City serving as proofs to it. So seeing him in his first-ever rom-com via Suspicious Partner is a refreshing treat to all of his avid fans. He showed us that he isn’t just good at doing action stunts, but he can also pull off comedic scenes effortlessly.

Nam Ji-hyun in character as young Yoon Soo-wan in Angel Eyes

Nam Ji-hyun’s acting capability in this drama is also very commendable. I first saw her in Angel Eyes as a blind girl, and her acting there also wowed me. The believable acting she and Wookie showcased is definitely one of the major reasons why Suspicious Partner remained unbeatable on top until the very end.


The “noiseless kiss”
The “first night kiss”

One of the many things I love about Suspicious Partner is the mature kind of love Bong-hee and Ji-wook offered to the viewers. The drama satisfied its followers with its overflowing skinship. All in all, if I got it right, Nam Ji-hyun and Wookie shared 14 kisses all throughout the drama. (Please note that I counted their “first night kiss” as three, and their “courtroom kiss” as two. I also included in the count the forehead and cheek kisses in the finale. ㅋㅋㅋ.) My most favorite kiss scenes from them are their first kiss a.k.a. the “noiseless kiss” and of course, their very sexy and intense “first night kiss.”


Their cuddles are also another thing. The way Ji-wook embraces Bong-hee in his arm while they sleep is such a wonderful sight. I love how they find solace in each other’s arms, especially Ji-wook who has insomnia. Plus, their hot bed scene! I’m actually shocked that Nam Ji-hyun did it because she’s only 21 years old! (She’s only 21 yet she’s already living the life! She’s a truly lucky girl, everyone. Before Wookie, she had already kissed Kang Ha-neul in Angel Eyes, Park Hyung-sik in What Happens to My Family?, and Seo In-guk in Shopping King Louis. Was she some kind of a martyr in her past life?) I must say that their bed scene, though a bit daring, was beautifully shot. I also like how the drama played with the viewers’ imagination, killing us with the thought of whether something had happened between Bong-hee and Ji-wook then later on providing us with the answers through epilogues.


The supporting actors are also one of the major reasons Suspicious Partner is a success. My three most favorite of them are CEO Byun (Lee Deok-hwa), Chief Bang (Jang Hyuk-jin), and Ji-hye.


They are all so memorable and funny—CEO Byun being Ji-wook’s childish but dependable step dad,


Chief Bang being our JiBong ship captain who is very loyal to Ji-wook,


and Ji-hye being Bong-hee’s haughty and annoying frenemy turned true friend. Two thumbs up to all of you, guys!



I must say that Dong Ha really did a great job portraying the role of Jung Hyun-soo because he was totally convincing. He got me mad to the point I’m cursing at him, and he also scared the hell out of me. His eyes are his assets, especially when he’s angry. Though I must say that I was confused at first with the “amnesiac” tag used to describe his character. But when it was shown in the latter part of the drama how he briefly lost his memory, everything made sense.


What makes Suspicious Partner’s finale even sadder is Wookie’s nearing military enlistment. Just the thought of him being away for two years makes me really, really sad. I think what I can only do to save myself from major sepanx from him is to re-watch Suspicious Partner over and over. I’m also planning to watch Wookie’s past dramas that I haven’t seen, and I’m starting with Empress Ki.

Suspicious Partner might have already ended, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. Every time somebody would ask me which K-Drama to binge watch, it is gonna be one of the titles I would definitely recommend.

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