K-Lookbook: Lee Sung-kyung (Weightlifting Fairy)

It was surprising that Lee Sung-kyung took on the titular role for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo as it was very different from her real life persona. Her visuals have always been on point and seeing her in an unrequited crush predicament has been hard to believe. But she eventually won me over and made me cheer for her character.

If you’re also struggling to get out of the one-of-the-boys zone like Kim Bok-joo, then read ahead as K-Lookbook collates her transformation into a Weightlifting Fairy.


Kim Bok-joo never cared about the way she looks until she met the handsome doctor, Jung Jae-yi (Lee Jae-Yoon). She started to wear that cute red hairpin to boost her confidence during her appointments. It really showed her inner girlishness. But notice how she is in her comfortable beanie style whenever she’s with her childhood friend, Jung Joon-hyung (Nam Joo-hyuk). We have to give credit to Lee Sung-kyung for still looking cute and girly in that winter beanies.


For active girls like Kim Bok-joo, a cross-body bag is a must-have because it’s impressively comfortable and wearable. Shun your usual boring backpack with more fashionable cross-body bags that come in various sizes and designs.


Who says you have to be gray during winter? Bok-joo definitely isn’t buying that drama. She went for bright yellow and red as well as blush colored sweaters to still look warm and adorable in a cold weather.


If you have been itching to cut your tresses and go for a bob cut ala Kim Bok-joo, I would like you to prepare yourself for the big change. There are a lot of dos-and-dont articles out there that may or may not persuade to take the big leap into short hair trend. Or you can opt for the safer style like lob (long bob).

Maknae’s style tip: Know your face shape and hair texture when getting a haircut. Also, bob hairstyles require more care and attention than long hair so be realistic about the time you can commit on styling your hair.

After all, is said and done, Kim Bok-joo, in the end, realized she should be true to herself in dating. These style guides are just guiding to improve the inner beauty what you already have. So embrace all those imperfections and cliche as it may sound, be yourself!

This ends K-Lookbook’s Weightlifting Fairy special. Comment below for the next K-dramaland characters you want to see here.


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Image credit: MBC

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