K-Drama Reaction: Bride of the Water God | Episode 5

There’s something about immortals and tunnels that make it a lethal combination.

Water God’s SOS Power

Ha Baek (Nam Joo-hyuk) figured out that his powers return whenever Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung) is in danger. So there is no better way to test it than to put So-ah’s life at risk. Way to go Water God! Kidding aside, this anomaly in Ha Baek’s power is arousing my curious nature. What exactly did happen that lead Ha Baek in this state? Or this is just part of a test for the to-be-king?

I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed with the resolution of the stalker plotline. I quite expected that it was for So-ah’s character growth. It did serve its purpose so I won’t complain about it further. Maybe I’m just craving for a heist or a mystery series (please recommend!).

The New Salt Bae

So-ah is proving to be one of us, mere mortals, with her lack of kitchen skills. To save their dinner, the powerless deity has to step up. I really like K-dramas that know how to balance things up and know where and when to put some spice in their plots. Bride of the Water God is so far doing just that. The earlier breath-holding tunnel scene was followed by that lighthearted moment with Ha Baek and So-ah. He seems to know So-ah better than she actually realizes. He knows it wasn’t really money that she needs but happiness. He knows that she needed a distraction after that terrifying incident so he asked for a full course meal. And even he doesn’t admit it, he cares for So-ah and like it when he sees her laugh.

The Mischievous Guardian God

We finally get to know the other guardian god better. It turned out he was the boy So-ah always bragged about. But the thing is, the diamond ring he gave to So-ah is a token of friendship (haha I see what you did there Yoon So-ah.)

I’m guessing Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung) is from the Sky Country but Ha Baek didn’t specifically mention such thing. He only warned So-ah about Bi Ryeom being from a goddess love (So, he’s like the K-drama’s version of Roman’s Cupid and Greek’s Eros. Ignore me and my geeky tendencies). He likes to play with emotions. Of course, female leads are magnets of life threatening situations, particularly those involved with supernatural beings. But at least So-ah refused Bi Ryeom’s offer of betraying Ha Baek. A clear proof that her loyalty is with the deity who saved her life twice.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This episode kept me on the edge of my seat one moment, then the next thing I know I was laughing hard because of the characters’ silliness. I also like how each character – So-ah, Ha Baek, and even Hoo Ye – are changing bit by bit every episode. There’s progress in the main arcs and the supporting characters are there to push them forward. I wonder how this drama will maintain things engaging.

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