K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 3-4

There are little to no plot development in the next hour of this drama. I am not really sure if I like the way things are going as I feel a bit lost in transition. I don’t know if this is the result of the drama being an adaptation of a novel, but I feel like there are so many characters that I need to catch up to. Hopefully, the show picks up its pace and don’t leave me hanging like my face is one big question mark.

TKL Ep 2 Landing



It’s cute when she did it the first time, but it seems like Eun San got bitten by the cold bug and never stopped sneezing! I don’t know if decongestants and cold meds were not discovered yet during the Goryeo era. Anyway, so we get a little more to the back story of our heroine in this hour. She changed her name to So-ah to hide her identity. Her father told her that she might be sent to Yuan (China) as a tribute, if her identity gets exposed.


So despite the lack of plot development, the love lines between our main leads are slowly gearing up. Our boys have their own shining moment with San in this hour. So apparently, Rin knows San’s real identity, but Won thinks she was the maid from the Eun household.

TKL Ep 2 (6)TKL Ep 2 (8)


Our Crown Prince is starting to give me some creeps in this episode. He stalked San on her way to the capital, gave her food and water without her knowledge. Basically, he abused his authority to provide everything San needs. Don’t get me wrong, I was laughing the whole time despite the creepy vibe. I can’t believe San was unaware that royal bodyguards were surrounding her throughout her walkathon.

TKL Ep 2 (10)


Rin is the second son of the Minister of Justice! His eldest son was the one who plotted the ambush of Eun household delegation + San’s mother! Rin witnessed everything! @_@

TKL Ep 2 (3)

Poor Rin always at the sidelines. I am falling more in love with him as the day goes by, but I have to guard myself. We have yet to know his real persona, whether he is a loyal friend or an enemy waiting to attack. What breaks my heart in this hour was the flashback about his first glance at San. I almost cried when he saw San paying her last respects to those bodyguards who protected her during the attack. Poor Rin, he is always a little too late when it comes to approaching San. He saw her first, but failed to hold her hand first. He helped her from falling from the hanging bridge, but she fell into Won’s arms. Jong-hyun is doing a great job portraying this poker-faced second lead.

“I saw her first. I wanted to hold her hand first.”

I also think Won and Rin’s bromance is in the running for best couple at the year-end awards.

TKL Ep 2 (7)

  • SONG-IN and MOO-BI

Who the hell are these two and why are they making out?


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Screencaps from Soompi  user saanjh sena


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