Yang Se-jong to possibly reunite with Seo Hyun-jin in Temperature of Love

Park Hyung-sik may have denied considering the project but it looks like a new oppa is up to possibly woo Seo Hyun-jin (Another Miss Oh) for upcoming SBS romcom Temperature of Love.

Yang se jong duel temperature of love

Actor Yang Se-jong (Duel) has officially received an offer to play the male lead in the said drama. He will likely romance fellow Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim alum Seo Hyun jin if both of them accept the project. Let’s pray to the K-Drama genies that the two will give positive answers so that Yang Se-jong can finally get the girl and promote the name of second lead oppas!

Temperature of Love is described as a romcom of the Internet generation where the two leads will meet online. The story will revolve around an aspiring screenwriter using “Curiosity Heaven” as her online handle and an aspiring chef with “Nice Soup” (Chakhan Seupeu) as his nickname.

Kim jae wook temperature of love sbs

Moreover, actor Kim Jae-wook (Voice, Coffee Prince) has already been casted to play the role of an entertainment agency CEO who will partner with the male lead to open Good Soup restaurant, but will eventually fall for the same girl.

Temperature of Love is the TV adaptation of writer Ha Myung-hee’s novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone (Chakhan Seupeuneun Jeonhwareul Bakji Anneunda). The said writer is also behind dramas High Society and Doctors.

SBS Temperature of Love will take the Monday-Tuesday slot of Falsify in September.

Here’s Yang Se-jong in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and Duel to get you excited!

Yang se jong doctors temperature of love

Yang se jong duel temperature of love

Source: Dramabeans, Asianwiki


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