K-Drama Reaction: Reunited Worlds | Episodes 1-2

This drama kinda went under the radar, so I was really delighted that this one’s such a damn great show! (well, basing on the first two episodes). It has a lot of elements that I really like such as fantasy, romance, and familial love. Plus, the overall feel and cinematography of the show are soooo pretty I want to jump into the screen.ReunitedWorlds01-00136In a nutshell, Reunited Worlds is about 19-year-old Sung Hae-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) who mysteriously disappeared after an accident and then, reappears again after 12 years, still in his 19-year-old self.

What I really find intriguing in this drama is the explanation behind what really happened to Hae-sung, which I know will be disclosed somewhere halfway the drama. But without any further clue, I can only theorize what’s really going on. Something tells me that Hae-sung is still alive but’s in a coma and he was only presumed dead because his body had gone missing. The one who woke up at the school’s rooftop and began running around might be Hae-sung’s soul. It can’t be too far-fetched as we saw that his wound instantly healed. However, given that he’s still his 19-year-old self and that everybody can see him, talk to him and even touch him, then I might be totally wrong. It’s giving me a headache, so let’s just give it a rest for now.

We haven’t seen much on the romantic side yet which is quite understandable because it’s impractical to put everything in the first two episodes, right? All we know is that Hae-sung and Jung-won (Jung Chae-yeon, later Lee Yeon-hee) had a budding romance going on which was cut short by his death. I was a little worried about the age gap between the actors (Yeo Jin-goo is 19; Lee Yeon-hee is 29) but the few glimpses of the two almost meeting up already sold me that this is a promising pair. Well, let’s wait until the skinship gets in.

I’m also curious why this drama has a lot of supporting actors. First, Hae-sung and Jung-won have four friends whose grown-up counterparts we already met at Hae-sung’s grave site. Then, Hae-sung also has a granny and four siblings whose older versions we’re yet to meet in the coming episodes, though I have a feeling that Kwak Dong-yeon’s character is one of them. I wonder if this series would be some sort of episodic where Hae-sung will meet them one by one to make a difference in their lives or is it that he has some unfinished business with them that he has to fulfill or sort out. Because unless they won’t have so much to contribute to the storyline, then I guess the number is unnecessary.

And if these characters are not enough to thicken the story, let’s add Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun) in the mix. Min-joon is a chef and an owner of the restaurant where Jung-won works at and he, in fact, harbors a crush on her. We’ve seen a little of his character but it’s enough to tell me that we’re in for some great second lead syndrome. The scene where he waited outside Jung-won’s house to meet her and did some indirect love confession already melted my heart. How could Ahn Jae-hyun be so perfect! Sorry Gu Hye-sun.ReunitedWorlds01-00128Overall, the story is promising. The tone varies from funny to melancholy which is what I really want for a show. I have my hopes up that this would be another favorite of mine. Please don’t disappoint Reunited Worlds!

Images source: Dramabeans.com






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