Jung Yumi, Yeon Jung-hoon cast in weekend drama Bravo My Life

A new SBS weekend drama is in the works! The team behind the 2010 series Wish Upon a Star will soon bring us Bravo My Life, a program that will evolve around TV producers and actors.

Offers have been offered to Jung Yumi (Rooftop Prince, Six Flying Dragons) to top bill the drama and to Yeon Jung-hoon (Vampire Prosecutor, Man to Man) as the second male lead.

If she accepts the offer, Jung Yumi will take the role of an assistant director who failed to climb the ranks in the professional world. While Yeon Jung-hoon will possibly play the haughty and workaholic drama PD who will be caught in a love triangle with Jung Yumi’s potential character and a male actor who was not able to debut for seven years.

Furthermore, veteran actress Do Ji-won who is currently starring in Seven Day Queen also joined the Bravo My Life cast.

The biggest question now is who will take the role of the male lead? We’ll keep you posted. Bravo My Life is slated to air in October following Sister Is Alive.


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