K-Drama Reaction: Reunited Worlds | Episodes 3-4

It must have been very difficult for Jung-won (Lee Yeon-hee) to bear the guilt all those 12 years hearing that she quit school after Hae-sung (Yeo Jin-goo)’s death and that she eventually turned into an alcoholic. With that being said, their reunion felt more dramatic rather than romantic but I’m not complaining. I just felt that Lee Yeon-hee fell short in conveying the emotions well (I was ready to bawl my eyes out). However, I did feel sympathy towards her when she cried after Hae-sung told her it’s not her fault at all. It must be the one thing she’s been waiting to hear all those painful years. Jung-won needs to forgive herself more than anything else especially when she’s not deserving of all the blame she inflicted upon herself. Now, I understand why Jung-won, despite her light and positive persona, isolates herself from people.

One of my initial concerns about the story of Reunited Worlds is that if it’s only about Hae-sung and Jung-won’s reunion and rekindling of romance, then 32 episodes would be so much of a stretch. So it’s good to know that there are few more things Hae-sung needs to do now that he’s given a second chance to live again. First, he has to prove his innocence now that he discovered that he’s being blamed for the murder of the schoolmate he actually tried to save from death. I’m actually more curious about who the culprit is rather than on how he’s going to redeem himself. Is it one of his friends or is it the brother he had misgivings with? Or there are few more characters we need to meet? Second, he has to get the family together again as his death caused his family to fall apart, which is quite understandable as he was the father figure of the household. We haven’t met all of them except the young and bright Hae-cheol (Kwak Dong-yeon) who is now a violent loan collector. The first meeting between the two was heartbreaking as Hae-cheol put the blame on clueless Hae-sung for their family’s misfortune. And to add to the pain, Hae-sung also learned that his grandmother already passed away.

Meanwhile, there are more questions than answers in these episodes around Hae-sung’s ‘second life’. Contrary to what I presumed last time, Hae-sung’s body was not missing and was even sent off by his family and friends, so my theory about him being a wandering soul is nothing but impossible. Other than that, the ‘resurrected’ Hae-sung also has superpowers which are being revealed more and more as the story progresses. He easily heals, he has super strength and now he can hear sounds that are meters away. I think one key to all these questions was the mysterious man (Ahn Gil-kang) who approached him on the bus asking if he has just come back, however, Hae-sung just shrugged him off.

With all these complexities, good thing we have Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun) to provide us some romantic relief. I’m actually rooting for their pairing than to that of Jung-won and Hae-sung, well at least for now. I like the fact that Min-joon is persistent in wooing Jung-won but without being imposing and forceful. It’s refreshing to see a rich bachelor who’s not full of himself in dramaland. Also, the fact that Hae-sung’s technically not alive anymore, I’m more optimistic of Jung-won’s future with Min-joon. Or maybe, I’m just saving myself from the potential angst of a love that’s not meant to happen.

Images source: dramabeans.com

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