Mr. Sunshine gets Byun Yo-han on board

I’m a little iffy with Mr. Sunshine’s leading actor Lee Byung-hun (Master) but this drama keeps casting actors that I like which uplifts my interest in this show. The latest addition to this new Kim Eun-sook period drama has been revealed as Byun Yo-han (Six Flying Dragons). 

Byun Yo-han will play a guy who is immature and a playboy on the outside but has a warm heart. The character description is kind of generic so I’m really eager to learn more on how his character will mesh the rest of the cast. I have seen Byun Yo-han played interesting characters in both Misaeng and Ex-Girlfriends Club and I’m telling you this guy really delivered on the acting.

Mr. Sunshine is set to air next year and no broadcaster has been named as of this writing.

<<Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Tae-ri join Mr. Sunshine

<<Lee Byung-hun is Mr. Sunshine

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