K-Drama Reaction: Bride of the Water God | Episode 7

There is more about this drama’s second lead than we are being led on.

The Breezy Second Lead



I have been waiting for this. There’s finally a progress to Hoo Ye’s (Im Joo-hwan) character arc. They have been giving glimpses of who he is in the previous episodes but I can’t still figure him out. He is sometimes charming, sometimes adorable, sometimes cold but most of the time, he is mysterious. I’m leaning on the theory he would be an evil second lead. But as it turned that he is one breezy second lead character. I can’t imagine anyone who can pull off that metaphoric pick-up line other than Im Joo-hwan. At this point, I’m trusting him to deliver the acting performance the other cast members lack.

The Secret Love of the Guardian Gods



Moo Ra (Krystal Jung) obviously likes Ha Baek (Nam Joo-hyuk). It was evident on the way she gets jealous over Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung) and the way she can’t say no to Ha Baek. But what is surprising is that the other guardian god seems to be in the same predicament as her. Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung) secretly likes goddess he grew up with. At first, I thought it’s just my sometimes annoying shipper heart that is creating such illusion. I become certain of it though after Bi Ryeom told Moo Ra that a goddess should not be hiding her feelings. I think it was a valid reason for Bi Ryeom’s character to stay beside Moo Ra. Plus, complicated love polygons is my guilty pleasure.

The Mystery on the Gate of the Gods


Ha Baek found a clue on what really happened to the god stones. He found human blood at the God’s land which should be impossible because the land purifies itself to any human marks. If my guess is right, Ha Baek and minor god Joo Geol-rin (Lee Dal-hyung) came to the same conclusion that the blood they found is that of a demigod. They haven’t yet confirmed this but it is the probable answer to their riddle like problem. I really like the fantasy plotline of this series. The world building is really good including the hierarchy of the gods and the Water God’s mission.

A Jealous Deity?


As So-ah and Hoo Ye gets closer, our to-be-king hero suppresses his growing feelings for Ms. Descendant. It was also revealed the gods are not exempted to heartbreak. Moo Ra hinted Ha Baek once fell for a human and he got betrayed. It suddenly justifies why Ha Baek seem to hold back when it comes to So-ah. I was already concluding that Water Country gods are cold beings but Ha Baek is probably just like humans; building a wall up to protect himself. I’m suddenly worried about this plot though. Internal conflict of a character seems simple but it’s not. A good combination of a good script, good cinematic techniques and the actor’s skill are required to show such emotional turmoil. Even though I love Nam Joo-hyuk, his acting still needs to improve. He is quiet good when it comes to light romance scenes so I’m praying to all dramagenies he’ll deliver at scenes that needed skills of experienced actors.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict


This series is not perfect. It lacks at some aspect. But why am I holding on? Because it still has qualities of a good drama. I sincerely like the world it constructed and it effectively suck me into the story as well.

p.s. Am I the only one who thought Im Joo-Hwan looks like that guy from One Piece?


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