K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 7-8

This week’s last two episodes are a mix of intrigue and excitement as I discover some important plot points and major eye candies that will keep me going until this show ends.



The bromance of Crown Prince Wang Won (Im Si-wan) and Wang Rin (Hong Jong-hyun) prevailed in this episode after they both survived the prejudiced interrogation orchestrated by the main villain Song-in (Oh Min-suk). The mental connection between these two is so admirable that when need arises, they can still depend on each other despite the risk of distrust and betrayal.

Now that the main conflict of the story (which is mainly perpetrated by the wicked adviser Song-in) is on full swing, we somehow have a glimpse on how the drama will lead us (finally). Moo-bi (Choo Soo-hyun), who is masquerading herself as the kisaeng Ok Boo-yong, is now gaining the King’s recognition for her apparent medical skills. Song-in and Jeon’s (Yoon Jong-hoon) complex approach in stealing the throne seems to gain plus points in this episode after they made the King believe that the Crown Prince is really the mastermind of his failed assassination.


Is it just me or the villains in this drama got no appeal at all? I watched dozens of sageuks already and honestly, I am so fed up with all the political drama comprising each and every plot. While some sageuks are triumphant in making the political instability interesting, I think The King Loves is failing on this part. I feel no connection towards Song-in and Jeon at all. I don’t care about them, what they do, or who they make out with. I am not even annoyed at them for conspiring against the King and the Crown Prince. I just don’t care. And I know it’s not a good sign. I just want more screen time for our Goryeo trio. I can watch them play around for one full hour.


Like I said earlier, I can watch Won, Rin, and San (Yoona) goof around town the whole day. But I admit it pains me to see my current favorite second lead Rin at the sidelines of the blossoming romance between Won and San. The way Won looks at San is just so cute, while Rin’s gaze is more of longing. I also love how our two male leads have contrasting personalities. Won is, well of course, an immature prince who orders everyone around him for his amusement, while Rin is the responsible (and good looking) loyal friend who cleans after Won’s mess.

I love the symbolism of the flying petal blown by Rin. The way the flower flew from Rin to San to Won possibly means that Won may have loved the girl first, but the girl will eventually fall for another man. Do you think I got it right?

The King Loves 7-8


Another important observation I had while watching this episode was that Won’s distraction from the ongoing investigation on the King’s assassination attempt. He sometimes annoys me whenever he loses focus just because he can’t hide his very obvious fascination for Eun San. Though I want to credit him for still being guilty after what happened with the Eun household’s Madam, I just can’t seem to feel his sincerity in solving the case, especially now that San revealed that the King’s assassin was the same archer who killed the members of the Eun household.

The King Loves 7-8 (12)


Who else here almost cried during San’s painful drunk confession? When she said the Eun household’s Madam (aka her real mom) could still be alive now if not for her stubborn young self. She is still blaming herself for the ambush and is ought to avenge her family members’ tragic deaths.


I spy with my little eye that we have another oppa to swoon over! My friends, show some love for Moo-suk (Park Young-woon), the notorious (and hot) assassin who killed San’s mother, and shot an arrow at Won’s father!


This drama’s soundtrack is daebak. Enough said.


Credit goes to Soompi forum for some of the images.

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