K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 2

The school bell is ringing! Let’s take a peek at School 2017 Episode 2 from these five scenes.

1) Talking about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, School 2017 Episode 2 started with Ra Eun-ho accidentally witnessing the Prank Hero ransacking the teacher’s faculty.

school 2017 episode 1 ending pilot Episode 2

And to her luck, she was caught by one of the teachers alone in the scene after the faceless prankster escaped. This led to her being blamed for the whole scheme.

School ep 2 eunho caught in the act sejeong

2) Okay. I don’t know South Korea’s rules on disciplining students and corporal punishment but if this happened in my country, expect a full blown suit, flavored with Congressional probes and sprinkled with national news coverage.

School ep 2 bullies

I may be burned in hell for this but I actually enjoyed watching those bullies getting a taste of their own medicine. Fine, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that their problematic traits may be caused by some personal and filial issues.

School ep 2 sunhwa beating bullies

3) Eun-ho got in trouble again while trying to stop a fight between her classmates.

School ep 2 z hera sejeong

The mother of the top student involved in the commotion end up pressuring the school officials to expel the bullied student and our sassy heroine. My eyebrows had a hard time keeping calm from the attitude and words of these ommas.

School ep 2 mother no friends all competitors

4. This broke my heart. Eun-ho’s mom begging the teachers to let her daughter graduate is painful for someone like me who would do anything for her mother.

School ep 2 eun ho mom beg

But Eun-ho’s response is heart-wreching as well. Before breaking into tears, our sassy heroine firmly asked her mom to stand up and stop begging because she did nothing wrong and she’s not the culprit.

5. School 2017 Episode 2 gave us such a cliff hanger at the end.

School ep 2 principal drone prank

After the Prank Hero was somehow able to clear Eun-ho’s name with his/her drone stunt, someone sent a note to Eun-ho suggesting that Dae-hwi and Tae-woon could be the culprit. Waaaaaah!

School ep 2 ending daehwi taewoon

Omona Moments

Omona Level: Curse You Selfish Brats
In order to lend a hand to Eun-ho, Kang-myung sem (teacher) decided to treat the whole class to snacks (hooray for Subway endorsement). But when he asked the students to sign a peition to help their classmate, these brats shamelessly decided to leave.

School ep 2 ra eunho petition

Omona Level: Opayaaaa 😍

School ep 2 eunho taewoon rooftop motorbike

The Hot Rebel showed his soft side when he gave Eun-ho a ride home on his sleek motorcycle. He even brought her to his rooftop haven to help alleviate her stress.

School ep 2 eunho taewoon rooftop

Omona Level: Secretly Wiping My Tears
While writing an apology letter for being involved in the fight, the bullied classmate said some words that made my heart cry painful tears. Sometimes, not just in school but in society in general, you don’t get the justice you deserve and will get discriminated because of social status. One of the most painful realities of life.

School ep 2 eunho bora poor bad grades

Omona Level: Ma Heart, Ma Soul!!!

School ep 2 daehwi eunho kiss

Eun-ho and her cute bestfriend, Oh Sa-rang (Park Se-wan), started their search for the culprit. The two blocked the hallway and one-by-one covered the face of the male students in order to find out if they look like the hooded prankster. Eun-ho’s scene with Dae-hwi gave me butterflies in my stomach.

School 2017 ep 2 daehwi eunho kiss jang dong yoon sejeong

But her scene with Tae-woon served me a whole freakin zoo!

School ep 2 taewoon eunho kiss

I got some weird stares from my mom after squealing so hard with the Hot Rebel’s actions.

School ep 2 Kiss taewoon eunho Kim junghyun sejeong

My poor noona heart almost stopped beating and now I’m worried for future Tae-woon scenes.

School ep 2 eunho taewoon kiss kim junhyung

Tipsy Findings

School ep 2 taewoon kim junhyung abs shirtless

Since Tae-woon slayed me this episode, let me share some Tipsy Findings about him from his previous drama, Jealousy Incarnate.

Kim junhyung jealousy incarnate school 2017

Kim Jung-hyun played the role of Pyo Chi-yeol, the hot-headed and handsome younger brother of actress Gong Hyo-jin.

School 2017 ep 2 kim jong hyun jealousy incarnate

The cliffhanger ending is daebak. It somehow fueled my suspicions that both Tae-woon and Dae-hwi are involved in the pranks.

School ep 2 taewoon daehwi eunho

Let’s try to find some proof in the next episode. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma 🍺

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📷ctto of the Jealousy Incarnate gifs

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