Hyeri in, Han Ji-min out in fantasy drama Two Cops

As the upcoming drama, Two Cops, found its home in MBC and its male lead in the form of Jo Jung-suk (Jealousy Incarnate), it loses its potential female lead, Han Ji-min (Hyde, Jekyll, Me). The veteran actress has declined due to scheduling issues.

The search is now on for Jo Jung-suk’s love interest with Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (Entertainer) reportedly receiving an offer. Hyeri could potentially play the role of a brazen female reporter. She would surely have a big shoe to fill after drama fans got excited and disappointed after Han Ji-min backed out.

Meanwhile, Choi Woo-Shik (Fight My Way) is also in talks to join the series with his role still unconfirmed. The series will revolve around the life Jo Jung-suk’s character, Detective Cha Dong-Tak, a dedicated homicide detective whose body will be possessed by a swindler’s spirit.

Filming for the Two Cops will begin October 2017, and the drama series will first air November 2017 on Mondays and Tuesdays time slot following the conclusion of 20th Century Boy and Girl.

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