K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 9-10

To be honest, this episode did not strike me as I am so fed up with political conflicts hindering the blossoming love of the main characters in sageuks. I have watched too many sageuks in my life, and this one is no different. Anyway, let’s try to give the most balanced reaction to The King Loves’ latest episodes.

the king loves ep 9-10 (7)


Tonight we witnessed a shift in the direction of the drama’s tone as Won (Im Si-wan) was tested by the brewing political chaos in the Goryeo monarch. San (Yoona) fell into a trap orchestrated by Song-in (Oh Min-suk) and Jeon (Yoon Jong-hoon), and she has been blamed for the series of killings of witnesses in the King’s failed assassination. The evil camp intends to pin the blame on Won, and came up with a really good plan of using the girl he likes as a bait. Poor, San.

the king loves ep 9-10 (8)

the king loves 9-10


Rin (Hong Jong-hyun),  as always, took the blame and saved Won’s butt from the subject of the allegations on the killings. Dramagods, can you just let Rin get the girl? He “confessed” into ordering the killings of witnesses, and this makes his brother furious.

the king loves ep 9-10 (4)


These two have the ability to ruin my day whenever they are on screen. Props to Oh Min-suk and Yoon Jong-hoon for breathing life to these evil characters as they are annoying AF. I love how clever Song-in could be. He even deciphered the hints about San being the Minister of Finance’s real daughter.

the king loves ep 9-10 (1)the king loves ep 9-10 (2)The King Loves Ep 9-10


I have a love-hate relationship with Won mainly because I just like Rin more than him. He gets on my nerves whenever he acts selfish and immature. But I would give him the limelight in today’s episodes after exerting that much effort in making sure that Rin and San would be freed from incarceration. After all, they were jailed because of him.

the king loves ep 9-10 (3)

I admit, though, that I felt scared during Won’s anger explosion against the guards! After witnessing how a royal guard mistreated San, Won did not bat an eye and beat the hell out of the poor guy! We all know how Won has anger management problems, so I can’t imagine the worse things he can do if he gets mad for real!


OMG, this episode gave me the creeps after both of our leading men confessed their love for San before the King and the public! While convincing his father that San is innocent and she has no idea that he is the Crown Prince, he just dropped the L word and tell the King that San is his first love. On the other hand, in an attempt to save San from impending torture, Rin announced to everyone that the girl he loves was captured because of his “orders,” and that he is the one who should be arrested, not San. I can’t choose who is the more chivalrous between the two!

the king loves ep 9-10 (5)the king loves ep 9-10 (6)

I find it funny that the three main characters in this drama are falling for each other without even knowing that all of them are in disguise. I can’t wait for the big reveal and the way they would react after knowing that they are all just blue-blooded creatures who are hiding their respective identities for nothing.

The King Loves Ep 9-10 (3)

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