K-Lookbook: Park Seo-joon (Fight My Way)

Following the style of Korean drama characters can be exhausting to one’s wardrobe budget. With their outfits coming from boutiques like Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, and Miu Miu, it’s hard for young Millennials to maintain such luxury.

But why sacrifice looking fab because of budget hurdles? There are ways to still look fashionable without going broke. For K-Lookbook’s August feature, we will look at the stylish wardrobe of two struggling dreamers we all cheer on, Fight My Way’s Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) and Choi Ae-ra.

Let’s start with Park Seo-joon’s vintage-inspired clothing. I have to be honest that I find his clothes so clunky at first but then I realized what his stylist is trying to do. Here are some tips to get that retro look:


Maknae’s pic: Dong-man’s denim jacket. You can lambaste Dong-man’s tracksuits all you want but not his well-trusted denim jacket. There are high street stores that sell vintage style clothes these days but if you’re opting to get a pre-owned denim jacket then just make sure it has no signs of wear or ageing.


Tees are wardrobe staples and adding a specific design on it can transform this clothing item completely. Park Seo-joon looks like your neighborhood crush with his slimmer fitted embellished shirts. Dong-man’s range of graphic tees looks so laid-back one would want to cuddle with him on mid-day at the rooftop.


Maknae’s style tip: Make sure to check the garment care instruction to avoid damage on printed shirts.


If you decided to embrace the vintage look, make sure to pick a specific era for your style. Dong-man’s funky prints could be traced back to the peak of retro era, the 70s.


Maknae’s style tip: Avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume, mix a vintage piece with more contemporary pieces.

That end’s the first part of our Fight My Way special. Make sure to check out Kim Ji-won’s feature on our blog on August 16.



[Image credit from KBS; GIFs are from Tumblr]

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