K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 11-12

The romance is on a roll in this week’s episodes! I loved how we get a fair share of our two leading men’s moments to shine. Won (Im Si-wan) was able to get his time alone with San (Yoona) when Rin (Hong Jong-hyun) was comfortably staying in jail. But don’t ya worry Team Rin fans, our favorite lover boy is shining in this hour!


Check out my takeaways from this week’s latest episodes!


Waaaa, is San starting to fall in love with Rin? I don’t know if it’s just my biased love for Rin, but I am pretty sure that San’s tone when she was asking her father to save Rin means much more. It sounds like she is worried, and I can sense her deep connection with Rin. She was thankful for Rin’s sacrifice for her, but I am afraid she is falling for it too early. Rin did it to save the Crown Prince from the trap set up by his evil brother Jeon. But of course we all know that Rin is also secretly in love with her, so it’s like hitting two (love)birds with one stone.

I was smiling from ear to ear whenever Rin and San have their interactions. When he invited her to the Chaeryun party, when he asked his sister Dan (Park Hwan-hee) to give San a beautiful makeover, when he asked her not to get married to someone else. Ah, my heart. I have to prepare myself for the worse, should I?

“I could not answer who I was. The day when I could answer will not come. I must not even dream of that day.” -Rin

The King Loves Ep 11-12 landing


I was so disappointed when San did not flinch a bit during the tense confrontation with the evil bastards Song-in and Jeon. I had hoped that her feisty personality will take over the conversation, but it was point blank. Her father has always been the protective but low-key one. He would never speak against people with authority, so this is all on San. Her upbringing in the mountains could be put to good use during times like these. Don’t let your father marry you off to that sly guy!

The King Loves Ep 11-12


Is it just me or Rin’s sword fight with Moo-suk (Park Young-woon) was oozing with sexiness? LOL! I don’t mean to sound creepy, but forgive my fan girl heart. I don’t like how Moo-suk was so brainwashed, though. He really believes that Rin and his side of the royal family are the rightful owners of the Goryeo throne. He even tried to sway Rin, but failed.

The King Loves Ep 11-12


Who says the royals are the only ones allowed to have love lines in dramas? So that’s why Won’s shadow soldier Jin Gan (Bang Jae-Ho) stuttered when he saw Dan in the past episode! As I see it, he likes Rin’s younger sister! Also, how cute is Jang Ui (Ki Dong-hoon) for supporting his buddy’s puppy crush? Ah, these two provide so much comic relief amidst the ongoing chaos in this complicated dramaverse.


We witnessed Won’s declaration that San was his woman in front of the King in the past episode. This time, he declared it again in front of Rin. I can sense he is being territorial with San, after witnessing her closeness (and affection?) with Rin. I literally dropped my jaw when he ordered Rin to bring him “the woman he loves” with a smirk. Like, really? How childish is that, baby boy? After his anger explosion in the last episode, I can only hope for Won’s personality to not to get worse. We all witnessed how he can easily wreak havoc against other people, so I hope his bond with Rin is strong enough not be broken by their love for one girl.

The King Loves Ep 11-12 (1)

What’s your favorite moment in this week’s episodes? NO one from my squad is watching The King Loves right now, so I am thirsty for some K-drama love! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

The King Loves Ep 11-12 (2)


Image credits: Soompi user saanjh sena


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