Kim Moo-yul replaces Kang Ha-neul in Bad Guys 2

A lot has happened since the announcement of the much-anticipated spin-off of OCN’s 2014 thriller hit Bad Guys. Kim Moo-yul (My Beautiful Bride) is now set to replace Kang Ha-neul (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) in the show after the latter decided to withdraw from the series due to scheduling conflict with his military enlistment.

The spin-off will be called Bad Guys: City of Evil. He will join the main cast of Park Joong-hoon (Hanji, My Dear Desperado), Joo Jin-mo (Woman with a Suitcase), Yang Ik-june (Queen of Mystery), and Ji Soo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon).

Bad Guys 2 will reunite Police Unit 38’s writer Han Jung-hoon and director Han Dong-hwa. Kim Moo-yul will play Prosecutor No Jin-pyeong, who works at the Seowon District Prosecutors’ Office. He gets involved in a new hybrid group attempting to punish a corrupt privileged gang.

The drama will air on OCN in December 2017.


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