K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 2

This episode is mainly dedicated to our second leads and the separate battles they face.



First off, we learned that Lee Ji-yoon (Ko Won-hee) isn’t actually a highschooler! Just like what I thought! I didn’t mention it in my previous K-Drama Reaction because I felt it may come off rude, but Ji-yoon didn’t really look like a highschooler to me at all. She looks mature for the age of 18. True enough, because it was revealed that she’s already 23. We also learned about the reason why she ran away from home and that’s because she’s fed up of being her mom’s puppet. So here she is, begging Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo) to let her stay at his room at the restaurant he works for until she can afford to rent on her own. Kang-soo disagreed at first, but being a good person that he is, he ultimately agreed, and told Ji-yoon to be up before 6am and go back not earlier than 11pm so that they won’t get caught. Aha! Well, do I sense a potential third party in Ji-yoon? Hmmm, not yet. I can feel that what she and Kang-soo feel for each other right now is nothing but a oppa-dongsaeng relationship.

Ji-yoon got herself a job at a coffee shop, where she met once again the happy-go-lucky Oh Jin-gyu (Kim Seon-ho), who quickly recognized her as the woman who stepped on his ultra expensive car the other day. Uh-oh! Jin-gyu could’ve let it slide, but another mishap happened between them, and it pushed him to the limit. What was it? Well, Ji-yoon accidentally dropped one of her earrings into Jin-gyu’s cup of coffee, and when the latter discovered it, he got so furious and asked for the manager. But Ji-yoon’s surprisingly amazing acting skills managed to save her from trouble and turned the tables to put Jin-gyu on the wrong side instead. HAH.

I have a good feeling that our second OTP is gonna be as good as the main one as I can already sense a very strong chemistry between them this early. I’m excited as to what will happen next especially that their families are planning to marry them to each other. It’s a very small world for rich kids like them, eh?


Meanwhile, I can’t help but feel bad for Jin-gyu. I know he can be a pain in the neck, but how could a father actually tell his son to just die by himself? I mean, I also don’t agree with Jin-gyu and his rich friends’ closing of a main highway for a car race, but I think his father’s reaction to it is just too much. Another thing, was his father angry because he’s concerned that something bad could’ve happened to his son because of it, or was he just worried for his company? *shaking my head*

His father’s harsh words probably pierced Jin-gyu’s feelings so bad that he decided to fulfill the very least thing he could do as a son—to die by himself. So that night, Jin-gyu drank himself to death then went to the Han River to once and for all end all of his misery. He was contemplating whether or not to commit suicide when Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) saw him and interfered. But while Dan-ah was trying to help him cross over the safe side, Jin-gyu tripped and both of them fell off the water. Omona!


As early as now, we can already feel the tension building up between our two main characters. Their dislike for one another escalated from just a small argument over Jin-gyu’s expensive car to Kang-soo being Ji-yoon’s “guardian,” and now to being possible rivals to Dan-ah’s heart?


We already knew that Dan-ah’s ultimate goal to escape Hell Joseon that is Korea. This is why she’s working very hard to save enough money… but to the point she can turn a blind eye to the needs of her family?

Her omma called her to ask for money for her younger brother’s tuition but she firmly said no. Her decision remained the same even if her brother personally begged her to help him just this once. She told him that helping a sibling is only for the rich, and of she helps him, they would just end up in a pit of mud together. She then ended up their conversation by cutting off her ties with her brother and her family.


Despite this, I still believe that Dan-ah isn’t a bad sister or daughter. I believe there is a reason why she acted that way. Then we saw the epilogue where Dan-ah promised the loan sharks that she will pay for all their debts so they should leave her family alone. I hope we’ll see more about this in the next episodes.


This was soooo funny! So, Kang-soo agreed to let Ji-yoon stay for the meantime at his room at the restaurant. But despite being careful about it, Dan-ah still discovered it. The hilarious thing is that Dan-ah misunderstood everything! She taught Kang-soo is a closet kween, so she told him his secret is safe with her, but not without something in exchange. Yes, being the streetsmart lady that she is, Dan-ah asked Kang-soo to give her 100,000 won per month to keep her mouth shut. Very clever! Kang-soo, though unwilling, had no choice but to agree because he thought she knew about him letting a girl stay at his room. HAHAHA.

Woah, everything is unfolding smoothly, and I can’t wait to see mooore!

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