K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 13-14

What would you do if you are torn with the timeless question of choosing between friendship and love? Are you willing to let go of your love for the sake of your friend? Or are you willing to sacrifice the friendship and fight for the love of your life? This is the main conflict that this drama lets us contemplate on. This week, I wanted to be as fluid as possible and join Eun San (Yoona) in her discovery of her love that still lies dormant inside her heart. I don’t think she is confused just yet. I believe she still does not know who she likes more, or maybe she does, but the show just wants us to guess between Crown Prince Wang Won (Siwan) and Wang Rin (Hong Jong-hyun).

The King Loves Ep 13-14 (1)


As I said earlier, the show seems to delve more into the romance among our lovebirds while advancing the political conflict. Props to our actors for starting off a pretty solid episode this week.


It feels good to know Won’s perspective this week through voice overs. He is not a simple person like the way we all think he is. He may be irresponsible and immature on the outside, but I believe Won’s personality is so much more than it seems. He is turning darker and darker every episode! He also knows something is up with Rin. He always knows. Whenever Rin does something he is unaware of or suddenly zones out, Won will be two steps ahead of him. He asked his guards to trail Rin out of concern that he might be getting himself in danger. I feel like Won is starting to notice Rin’s affection for San. It’s hard not to!

I don’t want to suspect Won of betraying Rin too early. I liked what he said in one of his voice overs. The friend he trusted the most started to deceive him for the woman he loved, and because he knew nothing about it, he just smiled.


The RinSan ship has been catching up to the Wonsan ship in this episode. I want to put myself in San’s shoes and feel what it’s like to be caught in between two handsome royals! When Bi-yeon told San’s father that she is always thinking of someone else whenever she’s home, all the flashbacks of San’s interactions with the two heroes came flashing into my mind. Is she talking about Rin or Won?

The best moment of this episode for me was when Rin “saved” San from being forced to ride the carriage brought by his evil brother Wang Jeon. What made it better was the smile from San’s father after the two of them left. He is one proud dad, I can feel it.


I have a soft spot for Rin’s sister Wang Dan (Park Hwan-hee). She is like this innocent sheltered girl who likes the prince charming and befriends everyone. I know her family will move heaven and earth to prevent Princess Wonseung’s plan of sending Dan as a tribute to Yuan. Poor girl, all she wants in life are to stitch butterfly hankies and get Won’s attention.

The King Loves Ep 13-14 (19)


I don’t know about you but The King Loves gives me straight-up Game of Thrones vibe with Song-in (Oh Min-suk) as the scheming Petyr Baelish. Also known as Littlefinger, he was responsible for the ongoing war in Westeros (although GoT characters do not realize it yet). I see so much of Littlefinger’s strategy in Song-in after his very two-faced conversation with Rin. He was brainwashing Rin to join their side with the premise of being the original choice to be San’s groom. Perfect use of love angle in that one, you sly fox! Some of you may think that Song-in’s plan to take over Goryeo by placing a full-blooded royal (Wang Jeon) on to the throne is the right thing to do. Yes, Jeon (or even Rin) is very much eligible to take the throne as they are direct descendants of the Goryeo monarch while Won is half-blood, BUT his ways are unforgivable. He is a murderer, liar, and traitor. I just hope Rin won’t get swayed and continue to save both his friend and his love without sacrificing his dignity.

What I love about this drama are the clever cliffhangers that never let me sleep. Isn’t that the case for every K-drama out there? Now that San knows Won is the real Crown Prince, I wonder how this would affect her view of him, or more specifically her feelings for him. I am still riding on the RinSan ship, but I am not sure about it tomorrow. LOL



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