Ryu Hwa-young, Gong Myung up to join KBS2 drama Mad Dog

KBS2 is on a casting spree for its upcoming white-collar crime drama Mad Dog.

After offering Yoo Ji-tae (The Good Wife) the starring role, the production team is now eyeing to get Ryu Hwa-young (Age of YouthFather is Strange) and Gong Myung (Bride of the Water God) on board.

If Ryu Hwa-young accepts, she would play the role of Jang Ha-ri, the only woman in the Mad Dog team that goes after white-collar criminals specializing in insurance scams. The offer is monumental for the former T-ara member because should she say yes, it is going to be her first leading role in a national broadcast network drama.

Gong Myung, on the other hand, is offered to play the role of Professor Kim, a young genius whose educational background include degrees from top universities in Munich, Oxford, and Yale. He will use his expertise on the human brain in solving cases together with the Mad Dog squad.

Mad Dog is scheduled to air in October as a follow-up to Manhole.

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2 thoughts on “Ryu Hwa-young, Gong Myung up to join KBS2 drama Mad Dog

  1. If Gong Myung is going to accept, I’m absolutely going to watch this. I already thought he was a good actor in “Drinking Solo” (sadly I found his character sometimes to be annoying), but since watching “The Bride of the Water God” I’m sold. First he played Bi Ryeom as a bratty, arrogant and misbehaving God until he slowly and gradually changed to a cruel god. But he made him still so likeable. He’s honestly my favourite. Gong Myung is showing a wide acting range and if he’s going to take on this project, we will see another side of his acting. I’m quite excited!

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