K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 15-16

Some of you might think that roles have been reversed by now. Wang Rin (Hong Jong-hyun) is the weak one, always willing to sacrifice himself for the welfare of every one he loves. And Crown Prince Wang Won (Im Si-wan) is getting fiercer and bolder in protecting his friends against his evil parents. But hang on, don’t get swayed by the recent events yet, and trust in our second lead’s brave heart in resolving the conflict in his own little way.


I feel like this drama has so much tension going on that I am left with so much confusion after every episode. Eun San’s (Yoona) monologue after realizing that Won is the Crown Prince was also very puzzling to the point that I am thinking if my RinSan ship has finally sailed, or it sank before it even began.

The King Loves Ep 15-16 (1)The King Loves Ep 15-16 (2)

“I was happy and in pain. The person who was always smiling at me had a sad smile, and it made my heart ache.” – San while thinking of Won

“And the person next to him would avoid looking at me. When I looked at him, he would always be looking somewhere else. It made my heart ache.” – San while thinking of Rin

Girl, you have a very good problem right there! Who made your heart ache more? But honestly, it’s Rin who made my heart hurt in this episode. After confessing to San that he was the third son of the Chancellor, he still missed the chance to tell San about his real feelings. Instead, he told her that she is the woman his master loved. I was rooting for you all this time, Rin-a! You were the one who loved her from the start! Why are you always ready to sacrifice yourself?

The King Loves Ep 15-16 (3)


I am loving Won’s character development. We have yet to witness the full blown hawk that he will turn out to be once he ascends as King of Goryeo. (Duh, it will happen. Why is the drama titled The King Loves if it won’t, right?) But for now, I love how he is showing hints that he can be a genuine person, one who treasures his friends and knows the right thing to do. I am just worried that he would think Rin deceived him into falling into his mother’s trap. But I guess their bond is stronger than any evil plan out there. It’s just so sad that Won was never given the chance by parents to fly his wings. He was boxed into this immature prince who always goofs around. He was never allowed to decide for himself. He was always left out of the loop. In a world where no one can be trusted, Won should learn how to prevent making bad decisions that can worsen the already messy situation. He should be extra careful in choosing his next steps. His attempt to save Dan can afford him to lose San, and vice versa.


The King Loves is in the running for this year’s worst parents award. Wow, just imagine if you are in Won’s shoes and you have King Chungnyeol and Princess Wonseung as your parents. Your disgusting father hates you so much for being a half-blood, while your scheming mother does everything to protect your seat in the most shameful ways.

“You called the Chancellor’s son your best and life-long friend only to be able to control him. You never cared about your friend’s situation or heart!” – King Chungnyeol to Won

The King Loves Ep 15-16 (18)

“Rin, you are a great kid. If you become a crown prince, then the king, you would have been a great king. You would love your people and be loved by them… That is why it is better that you leave.” – Princess Wonseung to Rin

The King Loves Ep 15-16 (19)

  • WON ❤️ DAN

Fun fact: Crown Prince Won and Wang Dan (Park Hwan-hee) are real life historical figures. They are cousins who got married for real. Wang Jeon is also another real historical figure, while Rin and San are both fictional characters.

So I was not really surprised with the decision that Won came up with. I knew they have to get married somehow in order for history to be relevant in this drama. What caught me off guard was Won’s sincerity in making this decision. His promise to marry Dan in order to save her from being sent to Yuan (China) as a tribute is a clear proof that he does not take his friend Rin for granted.


I must admit. Ok Boo-yong (Choo Soo-hyun) is doing a great job in getting into my nerves! After her small antics in front of Won and King Chungnyeol, she is slowly succeeding in getting the father-son relationship more tainted by hate. She knew San’s little secret (of course!) and was determined to reveal it as subtle as possible. Cunning lady, I am watching you.

I was expecting the big reveal to be as dramatic as possible, given all the intertwined fate of our major characters. But I never thought it would be this way! Since Princess Wonseung has been worried about Won after the unfortunate incident at the palace, she is now determined to win her child’s favor by giving him the woman he loves. And with this comes the decision to include Eun San in the choices for the Crown Prince’s bride!

Now, Won is caught in the middle of fulfilling his promise to Dan and taking the true love of his life as his rightful bride. What a very K-drama-ish twist.

The King Loves Ep 15-16 (30)


Si-wan lent his soothing voice for this sweet ballad before he enlisted in the military. Check out the full track in the video below!


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